Where are the Ma’in baths located in Jordan?

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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is one of the most pioneering countries in the field of medical tourism, as there are many natural, curative and hospital resources in Jordan, rich in mineral water, in addition to hot water falls and volcanic mud, and one of the most famous places in the natural treatment of hot water pools Ma’in, which contains many springs that reach 633 springs, and the temperature varies between these springs except that they are similar to chemical properties, as they are composed of important elements such as: sodium, chloride, hydrogen, calcium, and radonuculfide gas BA To add carbon dioxide, the water temperature in some springs reaches approximately 63 ° C.

Ma’in baths site

Ma’in baths are located to the south of the capital, Amman, 58 km in the Madaba governorate, about 27 km away from them, and these baths are very low from the sea by about 120 meters.

Ma’in bath features

The baths of Ma’in are considered one of the most attractive places where the towering mountains surround them with their dark color due to the geothermal heat. The visitor can reach the baths of Ma’in through different roads. To reach the hotels area, it is considered one of the best places to go during the winter because of the warmness of the area that borders the Jordan Valley between high mountains and hot water.

Medical tourism in the baths of Ma’in

Tourists and visitors head to Ma’in baths with the aim of treating and getting rid of many diseases, in addition to rest and recuperation, to distinguish mineral water from its ability to recover from many diseases, such as: skin diseases, circulatory diseases, joint pain, and bones, as well as treating chronic rheumatism cases and getting rid of Muscles from cramping, nervous exhaustion, and also help to stimulate the endocrine glands and treat chronic sinusitis.

It is possible to take advantage of this hot mineral water in several ways where it is possible to shower in it or sit in a bubble bath and Jacuzzi, or walk through it to other bathrooms, and steam from this mineral water can also be inhaled to treat chest diseases, especially diseases found by smokers. The bathrooms also contain a section treated with the use of mud taken from the Dead Sea mud, which has proven a lot of research benefits therapeutic, in addition to the presence of a department for electric therapy after treatment with water and medical exercises, in addition to physical therapy by physiotherapists Iaan.


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