Where are the Ma’in baths located?

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Tourist places in Jordan

Jordan is characterized by many tourist sites, including archaeological, therapeutic, religious, and others. Among those types of tourism, Jordan is famous for medical tourism, as Jordan includes many sites that contain hot water that benefit the body in the recovery from many diseases, and the most important of these areas are baths Ma’in

Where are the Ma’in baths located?

Ma’in water baths are located in Madaba governorate in Jordan, where the location of Ma’in baths is located at an estimated distance of twenty-seven kilometers from Madaba, and a distance of fifty-eight kilometers south of Amman, the capital of Jordan. The baths of Ma’in were named by this name because of the abundance of water springs in them that pass from the mountains of Ma’in towards the Dead Sea. We recall that the baths of Ma’in are waterfalls falling from the highest mountain peaks, forming a charming aesthetic view. Mineral elements such as sodium, calcium, and hydrogen sulfide and other elements that have made the waters of Ma’in mineral water intended for tourists and patients for medication, and hiking in summer and winter.

The therapeutic benefits of a particular bath

Ma’in water is characterized by hot mineral water, so it is intended by visitors for rest, recuperation, and healing and for the treatment of chronic diseases, among these diseases that are useful in treating rheumatism, varicose veins, joint pain, and bones, as well as back and muscle pain, and helps in stimulating The blood circulation in the body, to calm the nerves, and also to recover from skin diseases such as worms, eczema, fungi and other skin diseases, and this mineral water benefits for medication from muscle spasms, and also helps inhaling fumes from this hot water in the lips From chronic sinusitis, and to get rid of chest diseases.

Among the well-known methods are showering with this hot water, and there are many tourist facilities created for this purpose, where jacuzzi baths, bubble baths, shower baths, as well as water bed baths were created where the injured person sits in the last way in the water under the supervision of doctors and therapists, This is what we call physical therapy. Also, Ma’in water is used by inhaling the ascending fumes as we mentioned earlier to get rid of chronic chest diseases.

The most important facilities of Ma’in baths

There is no doubt that the location of Hammamat Ma’en is widely known because of its hot mineral water, especially at the local, Arab, and international levels. Therefore, more attention has been paid to the facilities of a particular bathroom to accompany and serve visitors to this site, and many hotels, tourist restaurants, and pools of water have been established either open, or Closed rooms that are usually reserved for women and separate from men, saunas, and wellness centers equipped and equipped for medical conditions that require the work of a natural massage supervised by a number of physiotherapists, and because of the mountainous nature of the Ma’in bath area A visitor to enjoy the scenery of the mountains and waterfalls of Ma’in flowing water.


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