Where are the Mauritius Islands located?

المسافرون العرب

Mauritius Islands

Mauritius is an archipelago made up of a number of small islands in the Indian Ocean, and is considered one of the most beautiful volcanic islands in the region, which is considered a destination for many island tourism enthusiasts, and these islands have taken their fame from the natural scenes that steal the kernels, not to mention the sugar cane fields, which It is famous for and exporting its production to several countries.

Its location

The islands of Mauritius are located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, with an estimated distance of eight hundred and sixty square kilometers from Madagascar, and the city of Port Louis is the capital of the country.

We have already mentioned that this island is a volcanic island, but it is of low height, and Montenegro is the highest summit in it, where its height is estimated at eight hundred and twenty seven meters above sea level, and we find these high places concentrated in the central part of the island, and also in the southwestern part of it .

Its history

The first to discover this island is the Portuguese traveler Don Pedromascarenhas, and that was in the year one thousand five hundred and five AD, and he was called Mascarens today after his family name, and he was accompanying him on his trip to Mauritius Rodriguez and Reunion.

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A Dutch fleet anchored on the island of Grand Portlem in the year five hundred and ninety-eight AD, to be established after the first Dutch colony on it, and that was in the year one thousand six hundred and thirty-eight AD, and the departure of the Dutch from it in the year one thousand seven hundred and ten AD, after they brought many animals to it Pets in addition to deer, and they also planted sugar cane in them.

The French replaced the Dutch in the year one thousand seven hundred and fifteen AD, where they established the port in it, known as the Port of Louis, and this island was considered a base for the French until Napoleon was defeated, for the British seized it in the year one thousand eighteen AD, and the authority in it Under the leadership of Commander Robert Farquhar, he has brought about many changes, whether in the economic or social sphere.
With the advent of the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven AD, general elections took place on the island, and its independence and independent constitution were announced on the twelfth of March of the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-eight AD, and in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-two it was called the Republic of Mauritius.

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Its climate

The climate of this island is considered a tropical tropical climate, because it is located in a warm spot in the heart of the Indian Ocean, and abundant rains fall, which helped in providing abundant vegetation in it, but the rain falls in the northern region of it, and also in the western region, where it enjoys weather These two regions are relatively warm, and it is noticed that the summer season begins in the month of November and extends until April, but some hurricanes happen in it. As for the winter season, it starts from May, and extends until October.

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