Where are the Nicobar Islands located?

المسافرون العرب

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The Nicobar Islands is a union territory of the Andaman Islands located in India in the Indian Ocean, and is 1.300 kilometers east of Sri Lanka, and the area of ​​these islands is about 1,841 square kilometers, and the Nicobar Islands and Andaman Islands in the north form the border between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, and the Nicobar Islands include islands Kar Nicobar in the north, Camarota and Nankuri Islands in the middle, and Greater Nicobar Island in the south.

Advantages of the Nicobar Islands

The island of Car Nicobar is characterized as flat land and fertile soil, while the islands of Nankuri, Camarota and the Greater Nicobar are mountainous, and the highest summit is the summit of Mount Thullier, which reaches a summit of 642 meters.

Tourism in the Nicobar Islands

The weather in the Nicobar Islands is usually pleasant throughout the year, however strong monsoons should be avoided accompanied by high waves and continuous rains. The best time to visit these islands is between October and mid-May, and the islands can be visited through the international airport located in the Port of Blair This airport is linked to the cities of Chennai and Kolkata, or by ship, which may take a journey in moderate weather from 50-60 hours.

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Information about the Nicobar and Andaman Islands

Knowable information about the Nicobar and Andaman islands include:

  • The first official visitor to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is Marco Polo.
  • These islands are a tropical archipelago of 572 islands, and these islands are isolated in the Indian Ocean.
  • These islands cover a territory of India with tropical rainforests and only a few are inhabited.
  • Agriculture and fishing are historically the two main sources of income.
  • Tourism provided these islands, especially beach lovers and diving, another source of income in the country.

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