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tourism in Egypt

The Arab Republic of Egypt is an independent Arab country, located in the northeastern side of the continent of Africa, and among the distinct areas in which Egypt is famous for its tourism:

  • The Pyramids of Giza: What the Pharaonic civilization provided to the Arab Republic of Egypt, and became famous for it at the international level, as many organizations specialized in archeology internationally consider it a history of human civilization as a whole.
  • The Egyptian Museum: It is located in Cairo and contains a detailed explanation of the archeological sites in Egypt.
  • The Zoo: It is located in Giza, Cairo, and is considered the largest zoo in Egypt and the Middle East.
  • The Makki Culture: It is located in Giza, and it is a place that brings back Egyptian pharaonic history to Egypt again.

These are some of the tourist places in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which attract tourists from Arab and foreign countries in a large way, and there is a special science to study the effects of Egypt called Egyptology, as it is interested in getting to know more about the effects of Egypt in terms of its history and location.

The Pyramid gardens

The Hadayek Al-Ahram region is located in Giza, in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and it is approximately five minutes away to reach the commercial area in Faisal Street and the main Haram Street. It is located in the middle of the circular axis and the axis of the penitentiary, which makes it easy for its residents to move between the areas of Cairo and Giza alike, and also far away It takes a quarter of an hour from the Mohandessin area, as it is located in front of the entrance of the new tourist area and in front of the Museum of Civilization and in front of the Egypt Language School, and is located on the road to both October and Fayoum in the Arab Republic of Egypt.


The Hadayek Al-Ahram region is divided into sixteen districts, each of which has an alphabet different from the other. These letters are: “A, B, C, D, E, F, GH, I, K, L, M, N, Q, Y One of the things that distinguishes these cities and the region of the Pyramids gardens as a whole is that they are surrounded by a large wall outside from all sides, and this wall has four doors named after the kings of ancient Egypt, namely the gate of Khufu and the gate of Khafra and the gate of Menkaure and finally the port of Mina, and each door there is security and protection for the residents of the Pyramids gardens .

Services and milestones

The Hadayek Al-Ahram region is also considered one of the areas characterized by its design and splendid view of the Pyramids of Giza and a statue called “Sphinx”, in which services and commercial products are available in malls and custom markets far and completely separate from the populated areas, where they are grouped in commercial areas located in the middle of all One of the cities of the Pyramids, this makes the Pyramids Gardens one of the areas characterized by beautiful calm.

What distinguishes the Al-Ahram Gardens area also is that the buildings in it do not exceed the seven floors, that is, the buildings in it range between four and seven floors and no more is allowed, in addition to that the construction in it is not allowed on more than 60% of the total land area, where the space is allocated The rest of the area of ​​Al-Ahram Gardens land as green flats and corridors surrounding the buildings from all sides, and these green corridors are bordered by a special external wall for each building to provide privacy for the residents of the region.


  • The commercial mall in Area (G), the first gate.
  • Tourist hotel in the second gate in the region (E).
  • The gym is located between the two regions (H, I).
  • A touch of hope hospital is located in Area (N).
  • Carrefour commercial building on Army Street.
  • Tourist walk in the fourth gate.

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