Where did you find the body of Pharaoh

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Ramses II

Ramses II, known as the Pharaoh, is the king of Egypt, who ruled it at the time of our master Moses. He was the most brutal and unjust of the Pharaohs, especially for the children of Israel. The birth of a boy among them would be a prophet who would save them from the injustice that would befall them after him, and that they were waiting for him. He consulted his court and saw the killing of male babies for the children of Israel, and the followers of Pharaoh killed every male born of the children of Israel.

Because of the wisdom of God, Pharaoh’s woman was barren, and when the birth of our master Moses, peace be upon him, God Almighty revealed to his mother that you throw him in the right hand. The Almighty said: “So throw it in the hand and do not fear me, and do not grieve me.” But they asked him that they did not. In the waters of Yam, and with God’s ability, Moses arrived at the hands of Asia, Pharaoh’s woman, and God made his love in her heart, so she asked Pharaoh to raise him and make him a son, and with the insistence of Asia, Pharaoh agreed, but he did not know that he would raise someone who would spread goodness and justice among people and save them from his oppression .

When Moses, peace be upon him, grew up, he called on people to believe in God alone and not believe Pharaoh with what he was saying or claiming, and the miracle of Moses, peace be upon him, was his sticks on which he leaned, whereby Pharaoh called Moses and his followers to a duel with magic, and knew about the followers of Pharaoh their mastery and prowess in magic, when he threw The magicians were ropes and sticks on the ground. People were imagined that they were moving snakes. Then God commanded Moses to throw his cane, and he did so, so his stick turned into a snake seeking the power of God Almighty. She swallowed the canes of the magicians and their ropes, and the magicians knew that this was not magic, and showed people the deception of Pharaoh, and health What Moses calls for, so the magicians believed in Moses’ machine, Fatou Pharaoh raid that cut off their hands and feet from opposite, and connecting them in the trunks of palm trees so as to be a lesson.

The number of people who believed in the Lord of Moses increased, and most of them were children of Israel, so Pharaoh wanted to eliminate them so that no more people followed them, so Moses and his followers fled until they reached the sea, so God Almighty instructed Moses to hit the sea with his staff, so the sea split, and formed a dry road, So they passed through it, but as to the surprise of Pharaoh and his soldiers, when Moses and his followers passed by, the Pharaoh’s army went down to the sea behind them, so God Almighty drowned them in the sea water.

The body of Pharaoh

God Almighty promised Pharaoh that he would keep his body to be a lesson to others who arrogate about the worship of God, where God said, “Today, we will deliver you with your body so that the one behind you will be a sign.” Scientists believe that the place where Pharaoh sank and the passage of the children of Israel and Moses is the Nuweiba beach in the Sana Peninsula, where Moses and his people passed to the opposite shore to the shores of Saudi Arabia today, where they found vehicles and skeletal remains on the sea floor, in addition to the presence of quad wheels, Pharaohs were famous for making wheels at that time, and in fulfillment of God’s promise to Pharaoh to remain a body of Selma to be a verse, the sea water pulled the body of Pharaoh to the shore, so that he who took it from the survivors of Pharaoh and his followers and embalmed it like the rest of the Pharaohs, was buried in the cache of Deir Al-Bahari almost in the year 696 BC M, and the place remained a secret after Aler Until the year 1882.


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