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the two seas

Bahrain is considered one of the countries of the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula, and the country is one of the smallest countries in the world with a total area of ​​seven hundred and sixty-five square kilometers, and over a million and four hundred thousand people live, and despite that it contains many attractive areas Most of the visitors to these regions are from the Arab Gulf states.

Bahrain Fort

The castle of Bahrain is called the Castle of Portugal, and it is located in the northern part of the island of Bahrain, specifically in the suburb of Seef, and the castle returns to the civilization of Dilmun, and the castle was built at different periods, as it was built for the first time in the fourteenth century AD, and was composed at that time of circular towers And a group of different rooms, and the second construction included the expansion of the castle from the outside, so a wall and circular towers were built, and the most important building was the third when Portugal took over the site led by Admiral Alfonso Albuquerque, and the admiral used it as a military base, and he expanded the castle to be as it is now.

Arad Fort

Arad is an Islamic fortress that was built in the fifteenth century from traditional materials such as sea stones, lime, sand, and palm trunks, and they take a square shape, and cylindrical towers are found in each corner of its corners, and there is a small trench surrounding the castle near it, and the castle was restored in The beginning of the eighties, in order to preserve the historical value of Arad.

Bahrain National Museum

The museum is located in the Bahraini capital, Manama, near King Faisal Street. The total area of ​​it is about twenty seven thousand eight hundred square meters to be the largest museum in the country. Its construction cost about thirty million US dollars. The museum consists of three halls used in archeology, and two rooms depicting culture The old before the beginning of the industrial revolution in the country, and a room for natural history, and it contains many types of plants and animals, and there is a section depicting ancient history, and this section contains ancient graves, and there are other sections for ancient Qur’anic manuscripts, astronomy, and documents, And historical messages.

Other sites

  • Riffa Castle: Known as Salman bin Ahmed Al-Fateh, the castle is located in a desert area known as the eastern Riffa, and the castle was used in the foot as an impenetrable fortress and a defensive point, and the castle consists of three rectangular rooms.
  • Lost Paradise of Dilmun: It is one of the largest parks in the Middle East, and it is located in Sakhir, and its total area reaches seventy seven thousand square meters, and can accommodate more than five thousand visitors at one time, and the park contains twenty games and a swimming pool.
  • Beaches: There are many distinctive beaches in the country such as the beach of Plage of Algeria, the club’s promenade, the Dry Dock, Muharraq, Al-Malikiyah, Karbalabad, the state of Boomaher, the torrents, Arad, the monastery, Qalali and Samaheej.

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