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The construction of the Maiden’s Tower dates back more than 1000 years, and this tower was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and was used as a temple to the Zadshit before it became an observation tower in the eighteenth century, and this 29-tall tower can be visited Meters, climbing the spiral staircase to reach the top of the tower, and enjoy the views of Baku’s old city.

Azerbaijan History Museum

The Museum of History of Azerbaijan is considered one of the most famous tourist sites that can be visited in Baku, Azerbaijan, as this museum contains many monuments, exhibits, and handicrafts that can be seen, and this museum is located inside a palace in the style of italyn Renaissance, with more than 300,000 artifacts.

The ancient city of Baku

The old city of Baku, or as it is called (Icheri Sheher), is considered one of the most famous historical sites in Baku in Azerbaijan. On a stone tower.

Shuhada Street

Martyrs’ Lane is located in the southeastern corner of Baku, and it is a street designated for people who died in the Red Army attack in 1990. This street can be visited and learn about many other landmarks, including the mosque built in the Ottoman style , And visit the park next to it.

Shrewshani Palace

The Palace of the Shirvanshahs was built of sandstone and served as the headquarters of the ruling dynasty in northeastern Azerbaijan during the Middle Ages. This palace was restored in 2003 AD and converted into a museum, and a yard can also be visited (Divanxanə) Which dates back to the year 1428 AD, which is a small hall with an octagonal shape and open sides.

Nizami Street

Nizami Street has been named in this name in recognition of the former Azerbaijani poet Nizami Janjavi. This street is 3.5 kilometers long and forms the first shopping area in Baku. This street is famous for Baroque and neo-Gothic architecture, and features features of the Renaissance in homes, centers , And stores located along the street.

Fountains Square

Fountains Square in Baku is very popular, as this field derives its name from the wide fountains in it, in addition to many statues that can be visited, including the statue of the woman carrying an umbrella, and the National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature can also be visited Which is located in this square.

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