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Tirta Empul Temple

The temple of Tiria Empole is considered one of the places to go in Bali, where the local people believe that the holy water flowing in the temple possesses the ability to heal and purify the bodies and souls, and it is indicated that the temple is calm, distinctive, and provides an opportunity to enjoy in the spring water, which made it one of the Places to visit in Bali.

Rice fields

The rice fields surrounded by palm trees, and tropical greenery are one of the most attractive places, and these fields are located in Ubud, and the aim of its design was to facilitate the effective use of water resources, and the organization of local social units, which made them an attraction for tourists from all over the world, as well as These fields reflect values ​​and culture, and tourists can roam around nearby; listen to local stories, and watch the customs and lifestyle of the individuals who set up these distinct fields.

Bali Sea

The Bali Sea is one of the important tourist places visited by tourists in Bali, so that it is possible to practice scuba diving, and to search for fish, including: (sweet English: fish in the middle), and the elderly old man (English: peacock grouper fish), and it is mentioned that the island of Bali is located to South of this sea, the Kanjian Islands are located on the northern edge of the sea, and the depth of the Bali Sea reaches about 1590 meters, which is a relatively shallow sea compared to other seas.

Mount Agung

Mount Agung is considered a sacred mountain for the followers of the Hindu religion, and many tourist periods are designated for climbing the mountain, and its height is about 3033 kilometers above sea level. Various types of plants and animals live in the mountain, including macaques and wild boars, in addition to the presence of a large number of Exotic birds.

Other places in Bali

There are many places to visit in Bali, including the following:

  • Ubud Monkey Forest: Ubud Monkey Forest is a temple, a natural habitat for hundreds of monkeys, and tourists come to this place to enjoy the charming nature, and watch the monkeys throughout the visit.
  • Uluwatu Temple: Located on the edge of a cliff, this temple is distinguished for its cultural value.
  • Mount Bator: It represents one of the best tourist sites in Bali, as it provides tourists with the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine, and watch the sunrise that includes the background of Mount Abang and Lake Batur.
  • Ubud Royal Palace: It is noteworthy that the beautiful cultural district in Ubud was a royal city, which made it full of palaces, which reflect the cultural and historical monuments of the region, and this palace is considered the largest palaces located in the heart of the region.
  • Elephant Cave: This cave is a Buddhist temple and features a large swimming pool, which is believed to be a place to purify the soul and ward off evil spirits.
  • Bali beaches: The beaches of Bali are one of the places worth visiting, as are the beaches of Seminyak, Changw and Uluwatu.
  • There are also many areas that can be visited in Bali:
    • quota.
    • Moncar.
    • Serono.
    • Praia.
    • Gamberan.

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