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Where do I go in Interlaken


Interlaken, located in the state of Switzerland, is known as one of the most important tourist interfaces that are famous in the region, as this city is administratively affiliated to the province of Interlaken Ober Hasli Canton Bern, and rises above sea level by an estimated five hundred and seventy square meters.

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This city is located in the middle of two lakes, where we find on the east side Lake Brienz, and on the west side Lake Thun, and the area in it is known as Bodelli, and the river Aar flows in it and works to connect the two lakes.

Landmarks of Interlaken

Interlaken Landmarks:

  • Harder Kulm Mountain: It is part of the wild alpine chain, and it is considered one of the most important mountains for mountain climbers. It is considered part of the summit of this mother chain, and its height above sea level is one thousand three hundred and twenty two meters, and we find in it a bump whose height is estimated to be only one meter.
  • Lake Thun: It is located at the Alps, and it has many tourist resorts that attract visitors to this city, as a huge water complex forms on this lake, where it reserves a quantity of water exceeding two thousand five hundred square kilometers, while its depth equals two hundred and seventeen meters, and it is a destination for swimming enthusiasts The history of this lake dates back to the ice ages, and this lake is an important place for fishing and fisheries in the city.
  • Lake Brienz: It is located on the northern side of the Alps, and it is one of the most important places in the city, which is famous for its deep beaches, and the area of ​​this lake is about thirty square kilometers, and we find on the south side of its beach the Gisbach waterfalls, which visitors intend to enjoy its beauty, and this lake is considered the cleanest lake in the Swiss state This is due to the Lucheni River, which empties into it, which increases the purity of its water and its whiteness.
  • William Tell Monument: He is considered a national hero in the Swiss state, despite what revolves around the fact that there is a personality of Teal, as his story is famous for this hero that when the region was ruled by the state of Austria, the ruler Gisler then put his cap in the market of this town, and ordered all citizens to bow before it as a kind of To perform the duty of obedience to the empire, the peasant refused to do so, and he was famous for his mastery of the archery, so the ruler ordered him to place an apple over the head of his son and he had to hit it with his arrow, so he carried two arrows, and pointed them to the apple and hit it, and when asked about the secret of the second arrow, he answered that if he failed and hit his son, he would The other share is the share of OL S. Gisler.
  • In addition to many places that can be visited in Interlaken, such as the famous mystery park in the region, as well as festivals famous in it, such as the Green Field Festival, as well as the Festival of the Spaniards.

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