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Various museums

The city of Los Angeles is a region rich in culture, with about 841 museums and art galleries, the most famous of which is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) which houses more than 150,000 art pieces from America, Latin America, Asia and Islamic art, and there is also the Wendy Gallery which displays Pieces from the original Berlin Wall, Cold War history, and historical museums include the Broad Museum, the Armand Hammer Museum, the La Prie Tar Pits Museum, the German Museum, and the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

The Los Angeles Zoo was opened in 1966, and this park is home to many mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and unique plants, with an area of ​​0.5 square kilometers, the botanical gardens contain 15 different groups, and focuses on about 7,400 individual plants of 800 species .

Catalina Island

Catalina Island is one of the most popular tourist places in Los Angeles in southern California, and it has a Mediterranean character, where people can be seen driving golf carts instead of cars, and enjoying its calm atmosphere, and the island can be reached by sailing by ferry.


Hollywood is located in Los Angeles, California in the United States, and its name is synonymous with the American film industry, where filmmakers have found since the early twentieth century an ideal mixture of temperate climate, sunlight, various terrain, and a large job market, the image of Hollywood as a cinematic dream of the whole world,
You can visit the Hollywood Sign on Mount Lee, walk around the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and see hundreds of stars engraved in the pink Terrazzo.

Observatory and Griffith Park

Griffith Park extends over an area of ​​17.4 square kilometers, and the park is located on the eastern slopes of the Santa Monica Mountains, you can take a walk in this park, go to the previous Griffith Zoo, see a theatrical show in the Greek theater, or visit the famous movie sites in Bronson Canyon ), Gain information about the history of the American West at the Autry Museum, and view the views of the Los Angeles and Pacific Basin from the Griffith Observatory.

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