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Mashhad City

Mashhad, which was previously known as Tous, is considered one of the important Iranian cities, because it contains many places of worship, such as mosques, mosques, shrines and shrines, as well as religious museums, in addition to the presence of multiple tourist places, worth visiting and viewing, including natural ones such as mountains and gardens, including famous markets .

Places of tourist interest

The tourist places in the city of Mashhad are varied, where we find some naturally and some are historical heritage, and a visitor to the city of Mashhad must visit the wonderful gardens in it, such as Bagh Monster Park which is special for animals, and the Park Mellt Park, where you can spend wonderful times in it, especially as it is close to Shahroudari games city Also, there is the famous Iranian poet Firouzi garden, in addition to the big Bagarm Park, which is known in Iran as the tourist park, located on the airport road.

It is also possible to go to the mountainous region of Shandiz, and also to the Tarqaba region, which is famous for its sculptures, as well as Iranian handicrafts in which it is known as carpets and antiques, and enjoys a wonderful refreshing atmosphere, and it is also possible to go to Harun Al-Rashid prison, but it is located outside the city and access Hard mechanism.


There are many markets in the city of Mashhad, and as usual most tourists must have to shop in the cities that they visit, where we find in this city several bazaars, such as the Imam Reza bazaar, and the East Diamond Market, which is considered one of the most important markets that were newly built in the form of a shopping mall, the Burma complex, Also, the Zeit Khor complex, in addition to some small markets and malls.

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