Where do I go in Oman

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The most important landmarks in Oman

Amman is the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and it is the cultural, political and economic capital of the country, and it is a very important tourist destination in the country, as it contains many tourist places in addition to cultural activities, including:

Tourist and historical places

  • Castle Mountain: There are many historical sites and monuments in the Citadel Mountain and this has made them an essential destination for tourists, as it is possible to visit the Citadel of Hercules, the Byzantine Church, the Umayyad Palace, the National Archaeological Museum, the Clock Tower and many others.
  • Roman amphitheater: The Roman amphitheater was built during the era of the Roman domination of the region, and it is a large amphitheater with a capacity for 6000 people and it is one of the important places in Amman that tourists visit frequently.
  • Jabal Amman: Jabal Amman area combines archaeological and historical sites with modern architecture from the beginning of the twentieth century, and the region contains many museums, cafes, markets and shops.

Exhibitions and festivals

  • Jara Market: The Jara Market is a roaming market that opens its doors to visitors on Friday from mid-May to the beginning of September of each year, where a visitor can buy from the market many things that vary between heritage and civilization, in which we find ancient antiques, handcrafted jewelery, clothes, food And many more, as movies and concerts are on the market.
  • Amman Summer Festival: It is a cultural event held every year in the month of July, and it aims mainly to show the popular culture of the country where artists meet in all fields from all over Jordan, and many teams from other countries come to the festival.
  • Oman Book Fair: The Book Fair is held every year in September, where the exhibition contains more than a million books from 220 publishing houses and 17 different countries, and many cultural events are held over 10 days.


Amman is the Jordanian capital that contains a unique mixture of the past and the present, and contains many areas that attract visitors such as art galleries, restaurants, shops and many more. It is one of the most famous cities and half of the population lives in Jordan. Where the population is approximately 1,275,857.


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