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Sumhuram city

The archaeological city of Sumhuram is one of the cities that can be visited in Salalah, and this city was part of the old frankincense trade route in the southern region of the Sultanate of Oman, and its port is famous for shipping the excellent Omani frankincense to royal families all over the world, and it can be visited, and learn about its long history and heritage The old Omani, with the possibility of visiting the nearby archaeological exhibition, and exploring more about the civilization in which she lived, and the importance of the city.

Energy beach

One of the most popular places to visit in Salalah, Taqah Beach is located near the city center, 12 kilometers from the fair near the city of Sumhuram. This beach is characterized by its wonderful white sand and clear blue waters. This can also be enjoyed watching the unique sunset view, Eat in nearby restaurants while enjoying beautiful beach views.

Sumhuram Archaeological Park

The Sumhuram Archaeological Park is one of the best archaeological sites located in the eastern plain of Salalah, this is also a museum, and a partial archaeological site, and visitors can wander around the effects of this park, see archaeologists while working, visit the exhibition inside, and enjoy watching some of the discoveries that come back For the period between the first century BC to the third century AD.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Sultan Qaboos Mosque is a gift from His Majesty the King to the people of the city of Salalah, the birthplace of his mother, and this mosque contains one dome, two minarets, and is located in the state of Bawshar near the road leading to the center of the capital Muscat, and the importance of this mosque is highlighted as a scientific and intellectual source of knowledge across the Islamic world, this The Sultan Qaboos Mosque, especially the radioactive lighthouse, also attracts visitors to interact with the spirit of Islam as a religion, science and civilization.

Al Baleed Archaeological Park

Al-Baleed Archaeological Park is located in the 12th-century old commercial port of Dhofar, which was used to ship frankincense to India in exchange for spices. This park contains several distinct kilometers of landscaped paths and adjacent reed beds, which makes bird watching It is fun, and you can visit the handicraft shop and the café in the park. This is also possible for visitors to ride an electric car to wander about twenty minutes in the wide lands.

Al Hosn Market

The Al-Hosn Market is considered one of the most popular tourist places that can be visited in the city of Salalah, and this market spans a number of alleys adjacent to the Sultan’s Palace, and is famous for its headwear made of colored cotton, fragrant frankincense, and traditional jewelry. This is also sold many spices, and traditional incense burners Of ceramics.

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