Where do I go in Sapanca

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Lake Sapanca

Lake Sapanca is located in one of the tectonic craters between Izmit Bay and Adapazari Meadow parallel to Lake Iznik. It is considered one of the few lakes in Turkey, which provides clean drinking water, which is used to meet domestic and industrial needs as well. The area of ​​the lake is 251 square kilometers, surrounded by mountains to the south, and small hills to the north, and due to the beauty of the natural area surrounding the lake it has become one of the most important tourist places, an important destination for daily trips and weekends.

Lush village

One of the most important tourist destinations that visitors come to when traveling to Istanbul is the Ma’sheya Village, which represents the stunning Turkish countryside with its natural scenery and beautiful places, and the visitor can wander around the village and enjoy the nature, hiking on the mountain, and eating traditional local meals beside the waterfalls.

Farooq Yalgin Zoo

Farooq Yalcin Zoo is about an hour by car from Istanbul, and it contains about two hundred different species of animals, along with hundreds of different types of plants, with a fish tank, and a special place for pets, which made many visitors come from all over the world to roam In them, explore the wildlife there.

Mount Kartepe

Kartepe is a unique tourist destination for visitors from all over the world, and it is a suitable place for skiing in the winter, and a great location to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery surrounding Lake Sapanca, in addition to the possibility for visitors to ride in air cars, and climb to the top of the mountain to get More fun and adventure.

Sogucak Plateau

The Soğucak Plateau is located thirty-five minutes from the center of Sapanca, a quiet area intended for tourists and visitors, especially in the summer to relax away from the stresses, stresses of life, noise and hustle and bustle of the big city. The plateau contains a wonderful road for sports cars, and it includes a meeting point for the camp and scouts It is a destination for excursions and hiking in the mountains. The Sogucak Festival, which lasts for two days, is held in which horse races, mountain bikes, concerts, mountain picnics, and many other activities are organized.

Historic places in Sapanca

Sapanca contains many places and historical monuments, among which are the following:

  • Sultan Rahimi Mosque: It was built in 1892 AD by the fourth wife of Sultan Rahim Sultan, and the mosque maintains its original structure.
  • Vecihi Gate: There is no confirmed information about the gate, but it is believed that it was built by Mimar Sinan, and many modifications were made to it but without spoiling its original structure.
  • Cami Cedid Mosque: The mosque is located in the neighborhood of Sayed. It was built in 1899 AD and is distinguished for its beauty, given the recent restorations that have been made.
  • Rüstempaşa Mosque: It is an historical monumental mosque built in 1555 CE by order of Rustem Pasha, and despite the damage that it has suffered throughout history, it still exists today.


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