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Adrian Castle

It is a railway that was used in the past to transport weapons and luggage to and from different places, and the Turks were gathering the captives they took from the Arabian Peninsula in Adren Castle and to be transferred then to the country of the Turks, and that was when the Turks ruled their control, their influence, and their power over the Hijaz.

Where is Adrien Castle located?

Wadryn Castle is located in the city of Tabuk in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was built by the Turks, and the ancient Darren Castle was one of the most terrifying and anxious places for the residents of the region, because when the Turks were entering a person to the castle and Dareen they would never leave it except in some rare and few cases, it was completed The use of Kadrin and Adrian by the Turks as a prison and a prison in which people arrested are imprisoned for long periods and they may never leave prison, and the Turks were carrying out the death sentence against some prisoners in addition to deporting a large number of prisoners of the Arabian Peninsula to the countries of the Turks to be enslaved, Prisoners were often from the category of opponents who were critical of the Turkish regime in the Hijaz country, which placed them in danger.

The history of Adren’s Castle

The history of the construction of the Turkish castle and Adren dates back to the year 9551 AD, and it is considered one of the oldest archaeological castles in the region, which indicates the control of the Turkish rule over the region, and the system of government that the Turks adopted that relied on intimidation and intimidation to avoid problems, retribution, and punishment in the event of causing any problems And since Adren Castle is one of the very old castles, the government in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has carried out many restoration and restructuring of the castle by the Antiquities and Museums Agency, in order to preserve the castle, its design, and its construction to remain resilient in the face of time that passes QB them through the ages.

The reason for naming Adren Castle

The reason for naming Adren Castle is due to what some say and as is common to the fact that a woman named Adrien was living in the city of Al-Qassim in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, she and her husband, who was known about him and spreading his great love to her and who was achieving his wife and knowing everything she wanted, wanted and wished for, and one day Wadrien asked her loving husband to take her on a trip to the sea because she wanted to ride the boat, and after Adrien and her husband got on the boat, high waves of water came, which led to the sinking of the boat and the death of the husband. And I know this castle, and when The discovery of the story that I wrote about her life and Adrienne Castle was renamed and Adrienne proportion to its name because it is the first castle of residence and Adrienne.

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