Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and the largest city in terms of population. It is an important financial and commercial center and one of the most famous capitals and ports in the world now.
Among the most important attractions in Amsterdam that made tourism in the Netherlands enjoyable, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum in addition to a large number of green spaces, entertainment centers, shopping centers and other charming landscapes.

Where is Amsterdam located?

Best Amsterdam hotels

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Where is Amsterdam Netherlands located

Where is Amsterdam located on the map?

Through the following link, the location of Amsterdam is shown on Google Map.

The distance between Amsterdam and the most important cities of the Netherlands

In the next few lines, the distances between Amsterdam and the main cities of the Netherlands are explained.

Where is Amsterdam from The Hague located?

The Hague is only 65 km from the capital, Amsterdam. You can drive them in 55 minutes along the route shown on the map, or by train in 41 minutes.

Where is Amsterdam from Rotterdam located?

Rotterdam is 77.9 km from Amsterdam, you can drive them in one hour via the route shown on the map, or by train in just 40 minutes.

Where is Amsterdam from Utrecht located?

Utrecht is 52.5 km from Amsterdam, which is 46 minutes’ drive via the route shown on the map, or 25 minutes by train.

Where is Amsterdam from Harlem located?

Haarlem is 34.4 km from Amsterdam, which is 32 minutes’ drive across the route shown on the map, and only 9 minutes by train.

The distance between Amsterdam and Maastricht

Maastricht is 231 km from Amsterdam, and you can drive it in two hours and 47 minutes via the route shown on the map, or by train in two hours and 24 minutes.

The importance of Amsterdam is due not only to its tourist position, but it is always searching for students wishing to obtain scholarships from various Dutch universities. If you want to know more about tourism in Amsterdam you can read the following article on our website .. Read more

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