Where is Ankara located? How far is it from Istanbul to Ankara? Among the most frequently asked questions that come to the minds of many travelers to Turkey, as the capital Ankara is one of the most important tourist destinations, it includes many famous landmarks such as the Ankara Castle and the Anatolian Civilizations Museum.
In this report, we will learn answers to some questions about Ankara, how far Ankara is from Istanbul and the ways to move between them.

Where is Ankara located?

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The best of Ankara hotels

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Where is Ankara located on the map:

Where is Ankara located? It is located in the center of Turkey, on the edge of the eastern Anatolia Plateau. It is one of the inner cities in Turkey, as it does not overlook any coasts or seas. Ankara is bordered to the north by both the province of Cangri in the north-east and Bole in the northwest, and the province of Konya to the south.
You can see the map below to know the exact location on Google Maps.

The distance between Ankara and Istanbul:

How far is Istanbul from Ankara? The distance from Ankara to Istanbul reaches about 450 km, where Istanbul is located northwest of the Marmara region, and you can learn more about the location of Istanbul by visiting an article where Istanbul is located on our website by clicking here.
How many hours between Ankara and Istanbul? You can get to Ankara by renting a car in Istanbul in about 5 hours, except for a quarter, or by the Turkish express train in three and a half hours. Also, you can get from Ankara to Istanbul and vice versa in only 55 minutes by flights via Turkish Airlines, Istanbul Istanbul.

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Where is Ankara located and what is the distance between Ankara and Istanbul

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