Annecy is an important tourist destination for those looking for a quiet vacation that helps to relax and unwind or for those who plan a romantic and enjoyable honeymoon vacation, as it provides scenic landscapes that make it the jewel of French and Swiss cities alike.
The city of Annecy may be on the map with a perplexing geographical location, but your certainty will surely end when you know with us where it is located on the map of the world specifically.

Where do you forget?

The best of Annecy hotels

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Where do you forget?

Where do you forget?

Forget a small municipality located in the southeast of France in the region of Upper Savoie close to the Swiss city of Geneva and in a vital and intermediate location between the most important French and Swiss tourist cities.
To find out where to forget, more specifically, see the following map:

The most important cities near Annecy

Pansy is surrounded by a group of the most important tourist cities in both Switzerland and border France, such as Geneva, Zurich, Paris, Nice, and others.
During the following paragraphs, we will discuss with you the distances and access routes between the Ansi center and its sister centers from the French-Swiss cities.

How far is Annecy from Geneva?

Geneva is the main crossing linking the French city of Annecy with the rest of the French and other Swiss cities thanks to the geographical borders that link the two countries, as Geneva, Switzerland is 41.7 km from Annecy, which equates to a 44-minute drive along the A1 track.
Or 49.9 km is equivalent to 48 minutes driving via Annecy and the A1 track, and the distance between the two cities can be covered within an hour 21 minutes by public bus.

Where do I forget from Paris?

Annecy is 559 km from Paris, the equivalent of 5 hours and 30 minutes’ drive driving via the A6
This distance can also be covered by public buses within 3 hours and 35 minutes, or by flying for an hour and 5 minutes from Geneva to Paris, or vice versa, taking a car to get from Geneva to Annecy and back during the return trip.

Where is Lance from Montreux located?

Montreux is 134 km from Annecy, the equivalent of an hour and 36 minutes’ drive via Route A1
You can also take public buses from Annecy to Montreux and back, which takes between two and 24 minutes to 3 hours and 39 minutes.

The distance between Cannes and Annecy

Cannes is 554 km from Annecy, equivalent to a 5-hour and 3-minute drive across the A8 track
The distance between the two cities can be covered by an hour for one hour between the Geneva and Nice Côte d’Azur international airports via easyJet and Lufthansa Airlines and Swissair, which provides daily between two to 5 non-stop flights.

Where do I forget from Nice?

Annecy is 580 km from Nice, the equivalent of 5-hour and 19-minute driving via the A8
The distance between the two cities can also be traveled from Geneva to Nice for an hour.

The distance between Wannsee and Interlaken

Interlaken is 256 km away from the equivalent of two hours and 43 minutes of driving across the A1 track alone, or 267 km the equivalent of two hours and 49 minutes of driving across tracks A1 and A12.

Where do I forget from Marseille?

Annecy is 423 km from Marseille, the equivalent of 3 hours 51 minutes’ drive on the A7 track.
Or 437 km equivalent to driving for 4 hours and 1 minute via A7 and A43.
The distance between the two cities can be covered in 4 hours 21 minutes, equivalent to 380 km by car via the A51.

How far is Lausanne from Annecy?

Lausanne is 104 km from Annecy, the equivalent of 1 hour and 17 minutes’ drive across path A1, A41
The distance between the two cities can be covered by public buses for an hour and 54 minutes.

The distance between Strasbourg and Wannsee

Strasbourg is 428 km from Annecy, equivalent to a 4-hour and 17-minute drive via the A35, A1 track.
Or 426 km is equivalent to driving 4 hours 54 minutes on A35.

Where is Lucerne located from Ansi?

Lucerne is 306 km from Annecy, equivalent to a 3-hour drive 10 minutes along the A1 path
Or 317 km equivalent to driving for 3 hours and 16 minutes via tracks A1, A12
The distance between Annecy and Lucerne can also be covered within 45 minutes by Zurich Airways, Switzerland – Geneva, Switzerland.

The distance between Chamonix and Wannsee

Annecy is 101 km from Chamonix, an hour and 12 minutes’ drive across the A40
Or 95.0 km is the equivalent of an hour and 55 minutes of driving on the D12 track, Barge / A40 road
It is also possible to take a public bus to reach from Anse to Chamonix and vice versa within an hour 57 minutes.

How far is Colmar from Annecy?

Colmar is 356 km equivalent to driving for 3 hours 42 minutes via Track A1, or 346 km equivalent to driving for 4 hours and 16 minutes via tracks A36 and A1
The distance between Colmar and Wannsee can be covered by public buses within 5 hours and 13 minutes.

Annecy includes a number of the most beautiful tourist attractions in France, which attracts a large number of tourists annually to enjoy its charming beauty, such as: Lover’s Bridge, Lake Annecy, Gardens of Europe, and other landmarks that you can learn more about by viewing the following link .. Read More

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