Where is Ashkelon located?

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Ashkelon is considered one of the oldest and largest historical cities in Palestine, where the Canaanites built it in the third millennium before the birth of Christ, peace be upon him, and made it one of the most important Palestinian ports on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, inhabited by Palestinian Arabs until the year 1984 AD and after the outbreak of the Nakba the largest part was displaced From its people to the neighboring suburbs of Gaza, and the Jews settled in it so that they constitute the vast majority of its inhabitants after they demolished all the Arab homes and landmarks they contained and built a new Jewish city on its lands and transformed its name into Ashkelon.


Ashkelon is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and separates the cities of Gaza and Jaffa, where it is located on the northeastern side of Gaza City, as it is considered within the area of ​​the Israeli Southern District, and is 65 km away from Jerusalem, and the area of ​​Ashkelon is 1.346 dunums, and its lands extend It covers an area of ​​107,334 dunums, while its Jewish and Arab population ranges between 112,900 people.

reason of calling

The Canaanites called it al-Majdal, which is the honorable high place, and after its inhabitants were expelled from it in 1948 AD, the Jews replaced them in the same way. The Mediterranean Sea.


Ashkelon is one of the Palestinian cities most engaged in sewing fabrics, as it contained about 800 operators for sewing silk and cotton clothes that were sold in all Palestinian cities. Ashkelon is also famous for its port that contributes to reviving the city’s economy and its suburbs.

Ashkelon through history

Ashkelon was built to be a stopover for ships coming from the Sinai to the Galilee region, and according to archaeological excavations carried out by Harvard University in Ashkelon in 1985, I found traces at a depth of 15 meters underground for the Canaanite city that was there, and the population numbered 15,000 Nesma, as the ancient city was surrounded by a wide wall for the purpose of protection, and in 604 BC, the Babylonians attacked and occupied the city of Ashkelon and completely expelled its inhabitants and destroyed it, then it was rebuilt in the year 300 BC and the establishment of its port, and Muslims opened it under the leadership of Amr ibn al-As Until it was occupied by the two crosses, it was liberated by Nasser Saladin Al Ayoubi.


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