Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan and it is now called “Nur Sultan” and it is the main center of management and business as well as tourism in Kazakhstan, although Kazakhstan is a landlocked country but it is one of the most famous tourist and civilized countries.
Astana, the capital, contains many ancient monuments, as well as beautifully designed buildings in an unusual style, alongside recreational places and parks, which guarantees that thousands of visitors flock to visit them.
During the article we answer the questions of everyone who plans to travel to Astana and the most important of these questions is where is Astana located between the cities of Kazakhstan and how to travel to it from the center of those cities, with your support with maps that clarify that.

Where is Astana located?

Best of Astana hotels

Astana is one of the most important developed cities, which was built in a very short period. This architectural development was reflected in the luxury hotels in it, which are on the throne of the best hotel in Kazakhstan.
The Astana hotels are luxurious, as the design of the hotel’s interior and exterior is impressed by travelers, along with recreational facilities and professional service, which makes the visitor not want to return at all.
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Best of Astana hotels

Where is Astana located on the map?

Astana is located in the center of Kazakhstan along the Ishim River. You can view the map below to find out exactly where Astana is located according to Google Maps.

After we became acquainted with the Astana site, we also have to determine the distance between it and the best tourism cities in Kazakhstan in addition to the path used for transportation according to Google Maps.

Where is Astana from Aktau?

The distance between Aktau and Astana is approximately 2,670 km. The distance between the two cities takes about 39 hours by car, and only two and a quarter hours by plane, according to the route shown in the following map.

Where is my book located from the city of Nur-Sultan

Nur Sultan is located 1472 km from the city of Aktobe, where the distance between the two cities takes about 19 hours and 49 minutes by car and an hour and a quarter by plane according to the path shown in the following map.

Where is Nur Sultan located from the city of Almaty?

The distance between the city of Almaty and the city of Nur Sultan is about 1215 km, as the distance between the two cities takes about 17 hours and one minute by car, while the flight by plane does not exceed one and a half hours to arrive according to the path shown in the following map.

The distance between Arcalik and Astana

The distance between Astana and the city of Arcalik is about 556 km, which is equivalent to 8 hours and one minute by car, according to Google Maps.

How far is Astana from Atyrau

Astana is a distance from the city of Atyrau by a distance of 2072 km, where the journey between them by plane takes about two hours while traveling by car takes 30 hours to arrive, by following the path shown in the following Google Map.

Dear reader, in this article, we presented to you the location of the city of Astana in Kazakhstan and we also determined the distance between it and the best cities of tourism in Kazakhstan to help you in planning well for your next trip and determine the tourist areas worth visiting in order to enjoy your vacation.
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