Where is Bali located?

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Bali island

Bali Island is located in Indonesia at the far western end of the Lesser Sunda Islands specifically between Java Island to the west and Lombok Island to the east. Bali is the preferred tourist destination for Indonesia, being known for its natural areas, perfect climate and relaxed atmosphere, and is considered a favorite place by many tourists from all Around the world, in addition to being a spa and archaeological site, Bali is located 3.2 km east of Java Island, and about 8 degrees south of the equator, and the Strait of Bali separates it from Java.

Geography of Bali

Most of the districts of Bali are mountainous and are essentially an extension of the central mountain chain in Java. The highest mountain point is Agung, or what is called the Bali summit. It is about 3,142 meters high, and it has been proven to be an active volcano erupting after 120 years of Sukoon, which caused many losses, while it is considered the lowest area south of the central mountains, and the dry season is active when the southeast monsoons are blowing from May to November, and the plants and animals of the Bali region are similar to those in Java, and most of the forests possess tropical rainforests. Mountain, and many grow Timber in Bali such as teak wood and the trees of the huge Albanian.

Life in Bali

Life in Bali is characterized by several things, among which are the most important:

  • A group of Balians who live in Bali live in Bali, a group of millions who are connected to the Java region.
  • Many crops are produced such as vegetables, multiple fruits, coffee and coconut.
  • Livestock are the main export commodities such as: livestock and pigs.
  • The industry is famous for: food processing, tourism, and handicrafts, especially wood carving.
  • It is famous for its high level of culture and many forms of music, folk drama, dance and architecture.
  • An international airport was opened in Bali in 1969.
  • Bali has a unified university in Denpasar.

Major cities in Bali

The two main cities in Bali are Singaraja and Denpasar, which is the island’s capital. Examples of other areas are “Klongkong” which is the center of the gold and silver industry and wood carving, and “Gianyar” which has a vibrant market, and “Kuta, Sanur and Nusa Dua” which It is considered to be the centers of prosperous tourism trade, and “Aboud” which is located on the foothills of hills and is considered a center for artists from America and Europe as it owns a museum of fine arts.


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