Where is Bali located in Indonesia?

المسافرون العرب

Bali island

Bali island is known as one of the provinces in the country of Indonesia located in the Asian continent, and it is an island of magical nature, therefore it is a tourist area par excellence, which visitors from different parts of the world go to, because of its incredible magnificence. On this island there is a volcanic rock formation, which is considered an important landmark in it, and it is known as (Tanah Lot), and its capital is Denpasar.
The history of the Indonesian island of Bali dates back to ancient times dating back to approximately 2000 BC. The first inhabitants of the tribes (the Australians) came from Taiwan from southeast Asia, as a result of migration to it by sea.

Religious beliefs in Bali

Although most of the inhabitants of the country of Indonesia convert to Islam, when Islam was introduced in the sixteenth century on the island of Java, more than 83% of the people of Bali Island convert to the local Hindu religion, which is considered a mixture of Hinduism known in the southern region of the continent Asia, with some of the local beliefs on the island, in addition to a mix of Buddhism, but we find some who convert to Islam but do not exceed 13%, and also Christianity, and do not exceed 2%, and there is a minority who believe in Buddhism as their religion.
There are several small islands belonging to the Greater Bali Island, they are: (Nusa Penida Island), also Nusa Lembongan Island, and there is (Nusa Senegan) Island.

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History of the island of Bali

In terms of the culture of the inhabitants of the island of Bali and even their language, they are the closest to the tribes present in the archipelago of Indonesia, as well as the state of the Philippines, in addition to the Oceanian regions, and this convergence is evidenced by the found tools and heritage rocks found in the eastern region of Bali near the village known as (Sikk ), However, the culture of the people of the island of Bali was profoundly influenced by Chinese culture and also by Indian culture, especially in the first century AD.
Ruling on the island of Bali in the past, that is, about two thousand years ago, the king’s younger brother (Arlanga), as the king ruled the eastern areas of Java, while his brother went to be a deputy to rule the island of Bali, and even today the tombs of his family’s rock are still present, carved into the rocks of the Tampaxing region As the people of Bali Island are known for their mastery and ingenuity in the rock sculptural works.
Bali is famous for its natural scenery, where splendor lies in its tropical forests with dense shrubs, in addition to lakes scattered throughout the waterfalls and waterfalls, and there are many rivers and deep valleys, and what is surprising on this island are the striking rice terraces.

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