Baljurashi is considered one of the most important tourism destinations in Saudi Arabia despite being a commercial and economic center in the first place, as it enjoys a distinguished location and a moderate mountain climate in addition to it includes several historical and cultural attractions diverse.
In the next report, we will answer the most important questions that we receive about tourism in Baljurashi, we will get to know you and where Baljurashi is located, how far Baljurashi is from Al-Baha and a group of other Saudi cities such as the capital Riyadh.

Where is Baljurashi located?

Best hotels in Baljurashi

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Baljurashi site

Where is Baljurashi located on the map:

Baljurashi is located within the Al-Baha region in the southwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can view the map below to find out exactly where Baljurashi is located on Google Maps:

The most important cities near Baljurashi:

After knowing where Baljurashi is located in detail, let’s now get to know Baljurashi site in relation to some famous Saudi cities and regions such as Riyadh and Makkah and the distances between Baljurashi and these cities.

How far is Baljurashi from Al-Baha?

The distance between Baljurashi and Al Baha is about 68 km, according to Google Maps. This distance can be covered in an hour and 9 minutes by car via the path shown in the map below.
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How far is Baljurashi from Riyadh?

The capital, Riyadh, is about 859 km away from Baljurashi, and it is possible to travel from Baljurashi to Riyadh and vice versa in about eight hours by car by road via the shortest path between them, or by air in only an hour and a half.

How far is Baljurashi from Makkah?

The distance between Baljurashi and Makkah is 330 km, and it can be reached from one of the two destinations to the other in 4 hours and 5 minutes via the shortest path between them and shown in the map below.

How far is Baljurashi from Jeddah?

The shortest distance between Jeddah and Baljurashi is approximately 412 km, and Baljurashi can be reached from Jeddah in five hours, except for a third by car or via flights in just 55 minutes.

How far is Baljurashi from Abha?

The distance between the city of Abha and Baljurashi is approximately 301 km, and that distance can be covered in 4 hours and 13 minutes by car or 55 minutes by plane.
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How far is Baljurashi from Al Namas?

Baljurashi is an hour and a third drive away from Al Namas, with the shortest land distance between them being 163 km.

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