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Bilqis Palace site

Bilqis Palace is located in the city of Marib in Yemen, and its location is located on the western side on the road leading from Safer to Marib, and it is noteworthy that the city of Marib is located in the north of central Yemen, and is famous for the ancient fortified location of Marib, and the Marib Dam, and it is worth noting that it was the center of the Sheba state; In the period before Islam between 950-115 BC.

Belques Palace

Belqis Palace is classified among the most famous archaeological sites in Yemen, where Dr. Abdullah Abu Al Ghaith, Professor of History and Civilization at Sana’a University, indicates that it was the largest Yemeni temple before Islam, as the national temple of the moon worship (El Maqah) was the main deity of the people of Sheba, in addition to this As a place of pilgrimage from all over the country, but at the present time it represents the greatest traces of the ancient state of Sheba and Yemen, and many people believe that the temple is worthy of being ranked eighth among the seven wonders of the ancient world.

General information about Bilqis Palace

There is a lot of information related to Belques Palace, including the following:

  • The palace is known for its five pillars, and its sixth broken column.
  • The palace was discovered through archaeological excavations in 1988 AD, where its details, which were buried under the sand, were revealed.
  • The temple consists of a group of architectural units, namely, the Holy of Holies, the front yard, and their accessories, such as: the large brick wall, and its installations.
  • The temple is distinguished by its harmonious architecture, which looks very beautiful and magnificent.
  • The palace reflects the greatness of the Yemeni human and its cultural development three thousand years ago.

Balqis, Queen of Sheba

Balqis is considered one of the most famous southern Arab kings or Yemeni Qahtani, and Balqis is a name derived from al-Maqqa, which is the name of the moon god with the ancient people of Sheba, and from it came the name of Queen Balqis, and it should be noted that the Musnad inscriptions showed the names of a group of temples dedicated to the worship of the moon gods, including : Bilqis or Muharram Bilqis, and another temple in the city of Sarwah, is the oldest of the temples, and tall walls are left of it that are inscribed with calligraphy, and the remnants of it are called the throne of Bilqis.

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