Where is Big Ben?

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Big Ben

The Big Ben name is usually used to describe the tower in which the most famous clock in the world is located, but Big Ben is originally a name that refers to the bell that was located in the tower and which goes back to St. Stephen, and from here it became the most famous name for this clock is Big Ben. As recently as this tower has been called the tower of Elizabeth, instead of the name that was ancient in the past which is the clock tower, and this change was a recognition by the British thanks to Queen Elizabeth for them, and because of its long services that spanned nearly 60 years, and this honor is considered one of the best and best The honor of this queen, however, this honor did not find that widespread resonance among people, in view of the historicity of his old name, and the attachment of this important landmark to the United Kingdom. Big Ben is a British icon, just like the Eiffel Tower in France.

Big Ben watch website

Big Ben is the most popular clock in the city of London, the capital of the United Kingdom. This watch is installed on the St Stephen’s Tower in the northern part of the British Parliament in the circle known as the Westminster Circle.

Big Ben watch industry

This watch was made after the fire broke out and devoured the old building of the British Parliament, in the year 1843 AD. The work on making this important watch was completed in the year 1859 AD. The designer of the watch is Edmund Becket. As for its manufacture, it is Edward Dent, who invented the system that isolates the watch and parts of the watch also from gravity, and not only separated it from gravity but also separated it From any influencer that might influence her from the outside, he cried separating the pancakes at this hour from their mechanical work, which greatly reduced friction. The clock was transmitted live in 1923.

Big Ben watch features

One of the most prominent features of this watch is the extreme accuracy and large in determining the time and its measurement, and from here the watch has become the universal symbols of the time. As for the mass of the bell, it is estimated at approximately 13 tons, while the small hand is about 9 feet long, the large hand is approximately 14 feet, while the length of the tower that holds this hour is approximately 320 feet. With the age of this watch, it is still in excellent condition, and it may break down approximately once every seven years.


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