Where is Bodrum located?

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Bodrum is located in the southwestern part of the state of Turkey, specifically in the northern side of the Aegean Gulf of Karmi, and opposite the Greek island of Kum, it is located behind the green hills that are now a well-known tourist resort, as the city was built on the ancient ruins of Halicarnassus. The city by the Ottomans in the year 1522 AD, and the population of the city is about 35,795 people, and its area reaches 270 square kilometers.

The climate of Bodrum

Bodrum has a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters, as its summers are hot and dry, and its winters are characterized by heavy rains, with temperatures reaching approximately 30 degrees Celsius.

Tourism in Bodrum

Bodrum is considered one of the places that is a popular destination for tourism. It includes a number of important historical and touristic places, including:

Bodrum Castle

The castle is a symbol of Christian unity in Europe against the Ottoman Empire, with a castle area of ​​approximately 2787 square meters. The castle was built using stones that belong to the King Halicarnassus shrine. It depicts beautiful architecture that dates back to the Middle Ages. The castle includes a group of monuments located under the water, It is now a magnificent museum, considered one of the finest museums in the world, displaying antiques and jewelry from the classical and ancient bronze age.

Mendos Gate

The gate is considered the last remaining part of the castle walls, and the gate next to it includes a group of tomb remains, and the remains of trenches dating back to the fourth century AD, in addition to the remains of mosaic remains in that region, they all represent a wonderful place to see the remains of monuments in the region.

Old town

The town is located behind St. Peter’s Castle, the town is characterized by the presence of narrow streets and old white country houses made of stone. The village is also famous for fishing, it is another beautiful place that attracts tourists to relax.


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