Where is Brunei and how to travel to Brunei

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Brunei or Dar es Salaam enjoys rainforests, shimmering mosques and the magnificent depths of the seas attractive to tourists from all countries of the world, to spend the most enjoyable times among the amazing parks and visit the most prominent tourist attractions in Brunei such as the Sultan Omar Ali Seif Al-Din Mosque with the golden dome, that mirror that reflects Islamic traditions and unique identity Discover the pristine environment of Arab Venice and enjoy relaxation among the wonderful greenery.
Do you want to visit the little paradise and discover the magic of nature and dazzling tourist destinations, we advise you first to get acquainted with some important things that help you spend your trip without the trouble of research, the most important of which is where Brunei is located on the map and the most prominent cities rich in the original Brunei heritage and the distance between each city to another all that and more in the report next one.

Best Brunei hotels

Aside from the amazing beauty of Brunei and countless tourist attractions, it also owns many hotels and resorts with a charming view of the forests and wonderful waterfalls, as well as providing sophisticated hotel services at prices commensurate with all levels, and to know the best of Brunei hotels that won the approval of Arab visitors and was the choice For them, you should visit the following link .. Read more

Where is Brunei and how to travel to Brunei - Where is Brunei and how to travel to Brunei

Where is the Sultanate of Brunei on the map?

Brunei or Dar es Salaam is located in the northern coast, on the island of Borneo, in the southeast of the country of Asia.
Here is a map that shows Brunei exactly where it is located on the world map:

How to travel to Brunei

To obtain a visa to travel to Brunei, whether it is tourist, for business, or whatever its type, you must visit the embassy of Brunei of your country to provide the documents that the embassy will determine to obtain the visa, in addition to a passport that is valid for at least 6 months.

The distance between the most important cities of Brunei

After we got to know Brunei where it is located on the map, we will get to know the most important cities and how far is the distance between them, according to the attached Google Maps, to clarify the means of transportation between cities and each other.

Where is Bandar Seri Begawan located from Kampung Air Net

Bandar Seri Begawan is 29.7 km from Kampung Air Net, and the distance can be reached within 35 minutes by car, as shown on Google Map.

Where is Mora located from Totong?

The distance from Mora to Totong is about 58.8 km, which is equivalent to about 43 minutes. Travel via the fastest normal traffic itinerary. You can view more on the attached map.

How far is Koala Plate from Syria

The distance from the city of Kuala Plate to Siria is approximately 16.5 km, which is equivalent to travel by car about 15 minutes and you can take the path shown on the map below.

Where is Bandar Seri Begawan located in Mora?

The distance from Bandar Seri Bakawan to the city of Mora is about 23.7 km, which is equivalent to about 37 minutes traveling by driving along the path shown in the map below.

Where is Tutong located from Syria

The distance between the two cities is calculated according to Google estimates by about 52.3 km, which is approximately 39 minutes. Travel by car, you must see the map to know the fastest route.

Enjoy adventures and excursions along the river and wonderful waterfalls, you can also spend holidays in the green fields and dive in the paradise of divers in the South China Sea, and to know the most important places of tourism in Brunei you can visit the following link .. Read more


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