Where is Burj Al Arab located in Dubai?

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Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab Hotel is located in the Emirate of Dubai, UAE, specifically in the Jumeirah region one of the most important areas of the emirate, and this tower is located to the southwestern side of both the open beach and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, which is also close to both Jumeirah Street, Al Sufouh Street, and Al Salam Port, And the city of Jumeirah, and many other important landmarks in the city of Dubai.

The hotel was built on an artificial island located approximately 100 meters from the seashore in the Emirate of Dubai. The Burj Al Arab hotel is approximately twenty-five kilometers away from Dubai International Airport, and can be reached by regular means of transport, or by luxury BMW or Rolls-Royce cars, and it is also possible to try moving to it by helicopter.

Its advantages

This hotel is considered one of the most distinctive landmarks in Dubai, and it is an icon that distinguishes Dubai from other cities and regions in the UAE or abroad. Burj Al Arab is competing in height with various other towers built in different regions of the world, as it rises to the height of the Empire State in New York City, where it is only about sixty meters short. This important project was adopted by Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, and it is considered one of the boldest projects adopted by him.

The Burj Al Arab hotel is ranked in the highest ranks, as this hotel was given the rank of seven stars due to its luxury and the distinguished services it provides to its patrons. This hotel was designed by architect Tom Wright, which opened in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine AD, specifically in the month of December of that year, The cost of building it amounted to about one billion US dollars, and it contains more than two hundred rooms, and more than two hundred suites.

This hotel also includes many international restaurants that are characterized by luxury and high standards, in addition to the various facilities that are usually found in hotels, from the fitness club, to swimming pools, squash courts, and others.

The number of floors of this hotel reaches sixty floors, while the total height reaches three hundred and twenty one approximately. This project was recognized at the World Tourism Awards in the year two thousand and six AD as a leading hotel.

One of the most prominent features of this hotel is also the luxury of its decor and its high prices, as some of its wings reach one thousand dollars per night, which made a certain group of people visit this place and live in it.


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