Where is Casa Blanca located and what are the best places of tourism in Casablanca

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Where is the Casa Blanca located and what are the best places for tourism in it, one of the cities that are located in the Kingdom of Morocco, and it is known as the Casablanca first, it represents the Greater Casablanca side as it belongs to the Lower Chaouia region, and this city is one of the largest Moroccan cities, as it is far from the city Rabat is 95 km away.
This city is located in the Arab Maghreb, where it is bordered by the Plateau of Zuair from the northern side, while from the south it is an extension of the Chaouia region, and it is bordered by the Bin Sulaiman Plateau on the eastern side. Casa Blanca is one of the cities to the north of the equator, this site that helped the city It has an important economic center, and the population of this city is approximately 5 million people, while its total area is approximately 870 km2, and this city has been divided administratively to 6 municipalities which are Ain al-Sabe, Ain al-Shaq, Bin Amsik, Anfa, Sidi al-Barnousi and Fida, we will get to know them in more detail on Arab travelers.

Its economic position:

Casa Blanca is the economic capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, as it includes approximately 55% of the total production units in it, as well as it contains nearly 60% of the total workforce in the industry in the Kingdom of Morocco, as this city is the main financial center of the country, It is the center of many of the main headquarters of the largest companies with diverse specializations that have more than one nationality, and one of the most important economic sectors that have a great popularity and is popular with Casa Blanca, both the services and industry sectors, especially in the fields of aviation, automobile, textile and electronic industries Intention, food industries, construction and tourism.

City weather:

Casablanca is characterized by its mild weather, which tends somewhat to cool due to its location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, except that the average annual temperature is 18.
Casa Blanca is one of the rich cities with many wonderful and varied tourist places, as the historical center of the city is located in the old city, which is surrounded by many doors and fences, in addition to that the city includes a number of gardens and parks such as the Arab League Park, where many annual festivals are held, such as The Casablanca Festival, and what distinguishes this city is the white houses and the high palms to look really a true pearl that has no analog, this city which is an attractive mixture of traditions, development and progress, with Roman roots and the city’s layout in the French style and its name Portuguese dating to the 16th century, there is still this city retains elegance and originality of the Middle Ages with a number of modern touches that characterize the city.

The most important tourist places in Casa Blanca:

When visiting Casablanca (Casa Blanca) there are a number of the main sights that are recommended to visit there, as follows:

  • old City:

It is located close to the port of Casablanca, as for the old city, it is a historical area surrounded by a wall that has a number of main doors, the most prominent of which is the Marrakesh Gate, and the old city is considered the most famous area of ​​Casa Blanca despite its ancient age, as it contains many historical monuments, Which is represented in the antique houses and old mosques, and the Jewish neighborhood of Al-Mallah is considered one of the most famous neighborhoods of the old city.

  • Arab League Park:

It is considered one of the most famous tourist places in the city of Casa Blanca, which dates back to the beginnings of the last century as it was founded in 1913, and was designed in the same style as the French gardens, as for its area is estimated at about 30 hectares, and the Arab Garden includes many types of plants such as palm trees The majestic that surrounds vast green areas, beside that there are many recreational places for children and there are many cafes that attract families to spend the best times in them.

  • Bab Marrakesh:

And it is considered one of the prominent tourist symbols of the city, as it is one of the doors of the old city, where it means huge numbers of visitors to Casablanca, in order to get acquainted with the ancient history of the old city and for shopping, and this door is still the best witness to the history of the Casa Blanca, despite the collapse The city in 1775 due to an earthquake hit the region, and a number of street vendors line up at the Marrakesh Gate to display their goods to visitors.

  • Twin tower:

It is two buildings of high altitude, as they are both 115 meters high, and both contain 29 floors, so the twin tower is one of the tallest buildings in the Kingdom of Morocco at all, and the twin tower is also one of the most prominent commercial centers in the city, as it includes a number of companies that Working in the field of finance and business, the Twin Tower attracts many tourists and visitors from all countries of the world.

  • Ain Diab Corniche:

It is considered one of the most famous landmarks of Casa Blanca, where it has a number of entertainment and leisure facilities, as it attracts huge numbers of local residents and tourists from all over the world, and is considered one of the places that bustles the hustle and bustle of life throughout the hours of the day and night, and the Corniche is packed with visitors throughout the day, as it includes A number of high-end cafes and restaurants and many luxurious hotels spanning the Corniche.

  • Hassan II Mosque:

This mosque is located close to the old city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and the Hassan II Mosque is considered the largest religious monument in the Kingdom of Morocco and the seventh in the world, and it embodies the ingenuity and creativity of Moroccan architecture, as the prayer hall in the mosque can accommodate more than 25 thousand worshipers, while the number of worshipers During the days of Ramadan, it may reach 100,000 worshipers, and the area of ​​this mosque is about 9 hectares, while the minaret of the mosque is 102 meters in length, in addition to the mosque provides tours for tourists and non-Muslim visitors for an hour each day in order to introduce the Islamic religion.

  • Notre-Dame-Lourdes:

This church is one of the largest sculptures with its stained glass windows and a large area of ​​800 square meters. The history of this church dates back to the fifties of the last century.

  • Tamaris Water Park:

This unique garden is one of the most prominent recreational water parks, in terms of its wide area estimated at about 10 km, which makes it ideal for young and old, and contains many types of water games such as slides of different shapes and sizes, as well as there are many large water channels and many It is one of the swimming pools, and it is considered one of the most preferred destinations for tourists.

  • Jewish Museum:

It is considered the only museum not only in Casa Blanca but in all Islamic countries, as this museum contains a large number of costumes, books and artifacts belonging to the Jewish community that was present in Morocco, which numbered about 5,000 Jews.

  • Dream Village:

This village is located in the area of ​​Sidi Moussa Al-Majdoub, close to the city of Muhammadiyah in Casa Blanca, this village is an entertainment tourist resort, equipped with all the services that visitors need, there is a large zoo that includes giraffes, monkeys, lions, elephants and tigers, in addition to the presence of many spaces Designated for amusement parks suitable for all ages, and there are many recreational facilities, and there is a large space for fans of equestrian sports where any of the horses in it can be rented.

  • Ain El-Saba Park:

Although tourists do not pay attention to it and do not care to visit it, it is one of the gardens that really deserves a visit, as it is possible to take a walk in it in order to spend the most beautiful times and spend a beautiful sunny day, and it provides an opportunity to see many types of animals such as pets, deer, monkeys and others.

  • Sinbad Park:

This park, which won the admiration of many tourists and the admiration of the city’s residents, has many fun games such as whirlpool, slides, death train and others, and this park is located next to Ain Diab.

  • Yasmina Games Park:

This park is located in the city center, it includes a lot of children’s games, which allows children to have a good time. This park opens its doors every day, and its ticket price is 159 dirhams.

  • Abdul Salam Al-Salawi Museum:

This place is considered one of the most suitable places that showcases the history of Morocco, where it displays many ancient jewelry and rare archaeological manuscripts, and also displays a number of historical artifacts, and many pictures in a more than wonderful format that captures the attention of visitors and tourists who love beauty, and love to see The skill of living by displaying a number of wonderful drawings and paintings, this museum is named after the Arab traveler Abdul Rahman Al-Salawi, who lived during the period from 1919 to 2001 and who was known for his love of discovery and beauty.
In this museum a number of paintings, artifacts and artifacts dating back to ancient times are displayed, as travelers have collected them during 50 years of travel, and the museum has many old paintings dating back to the beginning and middle of the last century, and it also displays many paintings that Shows the culture of Asian travelers, where there are pieces of jewelry and artifacts that Abdul Rahman Al-Salawi collected during his tour of Asian cities. This museum was built with a three-storey villa building dating back to the 1940s.

The most famous neighborhoods and streets of Casa Blanca:

  • Mohammed V Street:

It is considered one of the main streets of the city and is considered one of the most important attractions in it. This street contains many buildings that were designed in the style of French architecture in addition to the presence of many luxury shops. The history of the establishment of this street dates back to the year 1930 and passes by the tram line that links the street with many The neighborhoods of the city, and Mohammed V Street includes many ancient hotels and cafes and has the central market.

  • Mohammed V Square:

It is located in the heart of the city, as it is considered the beating heart of the city of Casa Blanca, in all its sides there is a lot of pigeons, and attracts huge numbers of visitors and tourists from all over the world, and this square is always crowded with people because it is the main outlet for the city’s residents and visitors.

  • Al-Muhammadi Neighborhood:

It is considered one of the largest neighborhoods in Casa Blanca, and this neighborhood is distinguished by the fact that many of its sons were resistance fighters who sacrificed their lives for the sake of freedom of the homeland and obtaining independence. Al-Muhammedi neighborhood includes the cemetery of the martyrs.

  • Black Rock District:

This neighborhood, which dates back to the days of the French occupation of the country.

  • Sultan’s Path:

It is considered one of the oldest and largest historical neighborhoods, as it is the residence of many famous artists and athletes from Morocco.

  • Habous neighborhood:

This neighborhood is located close to the royal palace and is considered one of the most prominent ancient neighborhoods in the city, as it dates back to the days of French colonialism, and it is intended by many tourists to enjoy watching its ancient architecture that mixes traditional architecture with tourist facilities, which made it an important tourist attraction.

The most famous markets of Casa Blanca:

  • Morocco Mall:

This complex is the largest shopping mall in the African continent, and this mall is located on the beach of Ain Diab, and it is considered one of the most prominent shopping destinations in the city, where the number of visitors annually reaches about 14 million visitors, and it includes more than 600 international brands, and this mall has ranked Advanced among the five largest shopping centers in the world.

  • Hay Habous Market:

It is considered one of the oldest markets in the city, and it includes many stores specialized in selling handicrafts, copper, and selling traditional Moroccan carpets and clothing.

  • Anfa Plus:

This center is located in Ain Diab, and this center contains 100 shops selling more than 80 international brands, besides it includes a number of restaurants and recreational facilities.

  • wholesale market:

This market is considered an ideal destination for traders from all cities of the Kingdom, and the area of ​​this market reaches 30 hectares, it includes a number of merchandise display yards and many facilities and shops, with a daily visitor number of about 30 thousand visitors.

  • Driveway Gulf Market:

This market is located in the city center, where it is located near high-end neighborhoods and is one of the most famous markets of Casa Blanca that specializes in selling everything related to information systems as it is one of the most prominent global centers for information piracy, and this market contains many stores that specialize in selling new and used devices that Related to information systems, smartphones, computers, laptops and others.

  • Darb Omar Market:

This market is an important destination for local merchants from different countries, this market is characterized by its strategic location in the center of Casablanca, it is vibrant with commercial movement and life and the history of this market dates back to the year 1920, as it is one of the most important commercial centers in the city, and the market contains more than two thousand shops And many showrooms, and there are many Chinese sellers and a lot of tow trucks and trucks.

  • Darb Al-Sultan Market:

This market attracts large numbers of tourists and merchants, as it is considered one of the most popular markets in Casa Blanca, as it is intended by many visitors to buy gifts, necessities, etc. at affordable prices.




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