Where is Chile located?

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The city of Chile

Chile is considered one of the most prominent countries in the South American continent, which is located between Argentina and Peru on the South Atlantic Ocean as well as the South Pacific. As for astronomer, it is 30 degrees south and 71 degrees west. Note that it includes within its area, the area of ​​Easter Island and Salay Gomez Island, and by comparison of its area in relation to the United States of America, its area is slightly less than that of the state of Montana.

Its location

The length of its land borders is equivalent to 6339 km, it is bordered by the State of Argentina with a length of 5308 km, Bolivia with a length of 860 km in addition to Peru with a length of 171 km, while its coastline is 6435 km. As for water, the regional waters reach approximately 12 nautical miles, the seam area is 24 nautical miles, and its special economic zone amounts to 200 nautical miles in addition to 300 nautical miles belonging to the continental rock eaves.

Its climate

It is located to the south of the equator, so the seasons of the year are contrary to what is found at the counterparts in the northern half, so that the summer season starts from the end of December and extends to the end of March and then the winter season begins, and in general its climate is moderate, desert in the northern region , Mediterranean in the middle and wet in the south. Its northern region is considered the most arid, but its temperature does not rise much due to its view of the Pacific Ocean, which causes a cold air current.

Its geographical regions

  • The northern or desert region because it contains the island of Atacama, which was called the Great North, so that this desert forms the northern part of Chile and is characterized by a dry climate, and its dryness decreases as we go south, and this region includes many mineral resources, the most important of which is sodium nitrate, which is done Its use in many fields, especially in the manufacture of fertilizers and explosives, so the primary profession of most of its residents is in mines in addition to the fishing craft, but for agriculture it is completely devoid of plants.
  • Central Region: This region is the heart of the country of Chile because it includes most of the industries and agricultural areas, and the majority of the population lives in it.
  • Southern Region or Archipelago Region: It is located in the south of the State of Chile, so that it is full of forests in addition to containing a group of islands, and a small percentage of the population lives in it.

Its natural sources

Among the most important resources and sources of natural wealth in it are precious metals such as copper, wood, iron ore, nitrates, molybdenum in addition to hydropower, and the proportion of agricultural land in them is estimated at 2.62% of which 19 thousand km2 are irrigated land, and permanent crops are 0.43% in addition to other resources estimated At 96.95%.


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