Where is Christmas Island located?

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Christmas Island

In other words, Christmas Island, this island is located in the Pacific Ocean, in the western side of the Perth region in Western Australia, about 2360 kilometers away from it, and from the southern side Jakarta in Indonesia and about 500 kilometers away from it, which is a small non-autonomous region, and follows Australia By its laws, the area has a population of about 1,600 people, most of whom live on the northern side, as it is close to the capital, Flying Fish Cove, which is the most active and developing region.

Its advantages:

The island is distinguished by the beautiful and tremendous growth of plants and marine life in it, and grows naturally without human intervention, and the area of ​​this region is 135 square kilometers, and it is considered one of the islands isolated from the world, which made it the covet of the British, to be a test station for the nuclear weapon in 1957, and the British discovered phosphate mines In it in 1888, the island remained under the control of the British until the end of the Second World War, and according to the agreement concluded by the United States was its accession to Australia in 1958.


One of the characteristics of this island is that its coasts are very rugged, due to the nature of the surface made up of the region, as it is a mountain peak consisting of a marine diving ship and a large height until the end of the central plateau that controls the rainforest region, and this plateau reaches high altitudes and reaches approximately 360 meters Then a plateau comes along the coast, then returns and rises again to the central plateau. This region consists of limestone and volcanic rocks, but it consists of a group of shallow bays, small coral reefs and sandy beaches, which increases the roughness of the region, where this stretch Els Coast up to 80 kilometers from the surface of the sea, the most famous areas of the island’s Flying Fish Cove harbor, and the harbor surrounding this massive coral reefs, shelf and plummets at a depth of 5000 meters and 2000 meters from the beach.

Its climate

The island is characterized by a tropical climate, where temperatures range from 20 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees, and the degree of humidity in it is very high, and is between 80-95 degrees, and in winter, the storms are active and winds are high, and the average annual precipitation is 2,000 mm .

The wild life is in it

The presence of red crabs is abundant in the region, and the population used to emigrate to the city, as the number of cancers migrating to the ocean is close to one hundred and twenty million crabs, migrating through forests for a period not exceeding fifteen days, and this migration is periodically throughout the year.


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