Where is Comoros located?

المسافرون العرب


The Comoros Islands, or what is officially known as the Lunar Union, are located in the Indian Ocean near the eastern coast of the continent of Africa at the end of the Mozambique Channel from the north side between north Madagascar and northeastern Mozambique, surrounded by four major countries which are Tanzania, Seychelles, and Mozambique in addition to Madagascar, and reach Its area is approximately 2170 km2, and its population is estimated at 734,917 people. Therefore, it is considered the largest African country in terms of population density and the sixth smallest African country in terms of population, in addition to being the farthest southern country in the League of Arab States, and it was named Comoros because it contains four Major Islands P in the archipelago of volcanic islands moon: the island Onokayeva, the island Mahoré, the island Mwale, and Ngazidja in addition to a number of smaller islands space.

Its history

The first population batches were submitted to Comoros from the continent of Africa and the island of Madagascar in addition to Malaysia due to the presence of contact between the Arabs and Comoros Islands in the seventh century AD, and the rule was by the sultans in which they established independent kingdoms for about 44 years, and the French rule of the Comoros began in 1843 AD until the year 1961 AD, when France granted the Comoros autonomy. As for the year 1975 AD, residents of the island of Meheli were added to Anjouan and the Comoros Islands based on the vote of its inhabitants. As for Mayotte, it remained under French rule, and when the Comoros Islands gained independence, what is known as the Federal Islamic Republic of Comoros and its capital, Maroni, appeared, and then joined the United Nations, Then to the League of Arab States in the year 1993 AD, and its current president is Abdullah Sambi.

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Its economy

Comoros is one of the poorest countries in the world, with 80% of its population working in the field of fishing and agriculture. On December 8, 2015, a comprehensive program to fight poverty and unemployment was presented to the Economic Donors Conference held in Mauritius, which was attended by the President of South Africa in addition to the Secretary-General The United Nations and a number of the world’s wealthy people, but in general the Comoros economy depends on agriculture in addition to tourism and the transfer of national labor abroad, and the state’s general budget revenues are based on the customs tax of foreign trade, while it lacks financial services, financial institutions and companies Funding There are no markets either, but Comoros is trying to develop tourism despite its lack of capital.

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As a result of its distinctive tropical climate, it is able to attract many European tourists, in addition to a group of encouraging factors such as: its picturesque nature, its clean beaches, in addition to its cultural heritage, and the multiplicity of tourism activities in it from hunting and eco-tourism to relaxing tourism on its sandy beaches .

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