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Water games are a source of happiness for humans, especially for those who love water games, if it is for fun and entertainment, or even as a desirable sport, in addition to enjoyment benefit and health, and therefore we find that most of the countries of the world have created places, and perhaps whole areas, to establish such cities Dedicated to water games.

The Arab Republic of Egypt was not far from this area, and the city (Crazy Water) is only an embodiment of an amusement park, but it is a waterway, which people intend to enjoy and entertain, in addition to practicing their favorite water sports.

The city of Crazy Water is located in a desert region, where we find it after ten and a half kilometers from the desert road (Alexandria Alexandria), specifically at the entrance to Al-Moudi to the city of October 6, in the Giza region, near the pyramids, and this city is considered one of the ancient water cities in the state of Egypt, Where we find it full of gardens of dazzling green color and cheerful, and we find in this city many swimming pools, in addition to the slides, as well as several covered water pipes, and other exposed, and they are all full of water.

We find entertainment and non-water games in this city as well, where we find video games (video games), in addition to laser games that are known for their enjoyment and excitement, and we also find car games in which races are being held, in addition to all of these games, there is also room to sit on the beach and enjoy the view sunset.

This city is in addition to being a games city, where we find a large and distinctive chain of restaurants, in which it serves Western dishes in addition to a corner for oriental food.
Crazy Water is a city of games for all ages, it was not only devoted to children’s games, but we find it cares for everyone, regardless of their age and gender.

The city of Crazy Water is a city of recovery, emptying of energy, and enjoyment in all fields, where jumping, skiing and slipping, especially through the water slope in it known as the slope (Kamikaze), and it is worth noting that this city is considered a summer city, as it only opens its doors in Classroom, where water games are favorite and enjoyable, and during this season, no day is known as a holiday for them, but it is open every day of the week, but hours are allocated for it that extends from ten o’clock in the morning every day, and its doors close at six in the evening, and entry tickets for this city are considered It is all inclusive Sector games, and all children who did not exceed the age of three years to be entering this city is free.

The city of Crazy Water, like most water cities that have been developed in most countries, always aims to be entertaining, which is what people need, to return after spending a rich day enjoying a positive psychological state, and endless renewable energy.


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