Where is Davos located?

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The city of Davos is famous for being the home of many annual meetings about the economies of the world, and a place for the elite meeting of politicians, and business from different countries of the world to discuss various logistical issues in the world, and the emergence of the city back to the Middle Ages after the emigration of Raito and Romans, and is one of the The most developed cities are the country in various fields such as education, health, and sports, and the city is divided into five sections, namely: Druff, Platz, Qalarz, Frauenkrish, and Mountinand, and there are many cities aligned with Davos, such as the American Aspen, the Japanese Sanda, and the French Chamonix.


The city of Davos is one of the European cities located near the Landweiser River and is administratively affiliated to the Pratoque County in the Swiss canton of Grubanden. The city is surrounded by a group of other Swiss cities such as Bergen, Mlusters and Sein, Sausch, Geneva, Walangues and Cernius, and the coordinates of the city are limited to 46 ° 48 ° to the north, 9 ° and 50 ° to the east. The total area of ​​the city reaches two hundred and eighty-four square kilometers, and more than eleven thousand and two hundred inhabitants live on it, and the height of the city reaches one thousand five hundred and sixty meters above sea level.


The canton of Grubanden is the territory to which Davos belongs, and the canton is located in the eastern part of Switzerland, and the canton is bordered to the north by the state of Liechtenstein, and the canton of St. Gallen, and from the southern side by Italian countries, and from the northeastern side by the Austrian countries, and has borders with cantons in Switzerland which are Ticino, Uri and Glarus are limited to the coordinates of the region 46 ° and 45 ° to the north, 9 ° and 30 ° to the east, and the area of ​​the canton reaches seven thousand one hundred and five square kilometers, and more than two hundred thousand people live on it.

Miscellaneous information

  • the climate: The city is affected by the sub-Arctic climate, and the city receives rain at an annual rate of nine hundred and ninety nine mm, and the average precipitation during the month reaches thirteen and a half days, and June is the most rainy month, while April is the lowest month in which Rainfall.
  • Sports: Hockey and skiing are the most popular and practicing in the city, and most of these games are organized by the Swiss National League, and the areas where these games are held reach a distance of about ninety seven kilometers, and the most famous of these Parsin regions associated with the partner town of Closters, and the Yakubshorn region that can It is directly accessible from the Davos Platz region, and Pischahorn can be reached from the Fleuela Valley, and Rinnerhun located near Glaris, and the Madrisahorn region. These areas provide transportation during the summer from mid-May to the end of October.

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