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The city of Deva

The city of Diffa is one of the eight cities of the Republic of Niger and they are: Niamey region, Tawa region, Muradi, Agadez, Tillabery, Dosso area, and Zinder, in addition to Diffa. It is located in the southeast of Niger, which is the capital of the Diffa region, bordered to the east by Chad, to the west by the Zinder region, to the north by the Agadez region, and to the south by the Republic of Nigeria, and the area of ​​the city is approximately (140,000) square kilometers.

Its population

The population of the city reached about (24,000) people, according to estimates in the year (2004). Most of the population owes the Islamic religion, and there are some tribes of Arab origin who came to and settled in it after the Islamic conquests in the past, and similarly to most areas of Niger.

Its advantages

  • The region has abundant prairies in it with vast areas, where there are many wild animals such as: tigers, lions, elephants, hawks, crocodiles, hyenas, antelopes, deer, eagles and others.
  • The region is dominated by a period of drought and severe drought in some seasons, in order to neglect the state by discharging and storing water, in addition to the absence of any modern techniques for collecting rain water, such as dams and wells, even if these technologies exist, and they are overcome by randomness and chaos.
  • The absence of any seaport for the state.
  • Most of the region’s population depends on livestock, leather and hunting for their lives, and this threatens many animal species in it, especially elephants.

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