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Zulqarnain Dam site

Opinions differed about the location of the Dhul-Qarnain Dam, no one can confirm the location of this dam, and most commentators such as Al-Qurtubi and al-Tabari reported on the authority of Ibn Abbas that he said: (The Dhul-Qarnain Dam in the country of Turk is located near Armenia and Azerbaijan), and some mention that the location of the dam is behind China, and says Others said that in Georgia in the Caucasus Mountains near Azerbaijan and Armenia, Al-Alusi said: It is possible that the location of the dam will be submerged in water, and therefore the water has prevented access to it, and this talk is logical, as this dam can be submerged in water, as many villages were flooded with backfilling , Or cremation, some have been discovered, others remain AD Hidden until now, such as the site of Iram with the Baptism, and therefore the Gog and Magog Dam is present until now, and it will remain available until God’s promise comes, and the Dag Al-Qarnain Dam, the Magog and Gog Dam, is released, after the Antichrist comes out, and after the descent of Jesus, peace be upon him.

The story of Dhul Qarnayn

The story of Dhul Qarnain appeared in the Noble Qur’an, specifically in Surat Al-Kahf. (The Gog and Magog dig every day even if they almost see the sun beam said that they Turn Fsnhfarh tomorrow Vieidh God most was even if they reach their term of God and wanted to Aboshm people dug even if they almost see the sun beam said that they Turn Vsthvrunh tomorrow, God willing, The Almighty exempted them and they returned to it, and it is like it is when they left it, so they dig it and go out to the people, so that it dries the water and the people fortify them in their fortifications, and they will cast their arrows to the heaven on them They say rude people of the earth and conquered the people of heaven Allona God Ngfa in Oagafaihm Afiktlhm also cause the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and my hand that the beasts of land and thanks to the Tasman thanks from their flesh)

The materials used to build the dam

The best of Dhul-Qarnayn was better for building the dam, as it was built in a distinctive engineering way, as it was a large dam that was difficult to climb and penetrate, and perhaps the reason for the success of the construction was due to the acumen of Dhul-Qarnayn, as he realized the danger of corruption Gog and Magog, and the best choice of building materials and minerals used in construction, did not build the dam Of stones or clay exposed to demolition, but he ordered the workers to bring iron parts and construction materials, and began building the dam until he made the sides of the mountains equal in height, and then instructed the workers to blow the bellows in the pieces of iron between the two shells, and when the fire became burning, he told his workers: Bring dissolved copper, from a To put it in cavities that permeate pieces of iron, and thus becomes a dam-tight closure, strong and solid.

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