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Mosques in Islamic law are the places of worship in which a person is saved to his Lord Almighty, and with which he approaches him, and in which he meets with everyone he loves, so he communicates with them, and from here the objectives of the mosque are all good and good, and from here, and from this charity that radiates from the mosque In all its times and conditions, its establishment must be compatible with these great goals.

The construction of the mosque should not be with the aim of obtaining praise from people, nor should it be built with the aim of dividing Muslims into parties, nor should the mosque be built with the aim of spreading a culture of hatred of the other, and to abolish the principles of human brotherhood with people, so the mosque is the house of God, and the place of worship that must First and foremost will be a beacon to which all lost, stricken, or faltered resort to, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, as is the nature of the places of worship in all religions and cultures, for God is the Lord of the worlds, and the mosque and places of worship in general are the homes of God, and hence the role of worship, on top of which are the mosques The worlds are meant to be.

Dirar Mosque

Al-Dirar Mosque is the mosque that was built at the time of the Messenger of God – may God bless him and grant him peace – in Medina of Abi Amir, the monk, who fled to the enemies of the Islamic state, the state of the Romens, so the hypocrites built this mosque for them, and their building for him was for Abu Amer and not for God Almighty, and from here he lost the demolition of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, this mosque, and revealed the verse: (and who have taken a mosque harm and disbelief and distinction between believers and those who fought Irsada Allah and His Messenger before and we Ihlvin that only God is beautiful and they are liars ), As this was the mosque would take place for Muslims lobbying and fight them.

This mosque was not mentioned in the book of God – Glory be to Him – for the purpose of telling a story to those who read the Book of God – Glory be to Him – but because the mosques of Harm will continue to be built forever, but the difference lies in the fact that after the expiration of the era of the prophecy the person is no longer able to distinguish Between what is built for the face of God Almighty, and what is built for the face of Satan, hence this verse is mainly addressed to everyone who wants to build a mosque, so every person knows his intention and purpose, and any person must control the rhythm of his actions and direct his compass to God Almighty before taking any action No matter how small. Al-Dirar mosques are mosques that are built for hypocrisy, fame, or for the purpose of differentiating between Muslims, or for the purpose of spreading hatred between the sons of Muslims and the sons of the earth, who are supposed to bring people closer to them and love them in their religion instead of cursing them and insulting them, and everyone with insight.

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