Where is Disneyland located?

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Disney City sites

Disneyland is present in more than one place around the world, as follows:


Disneyland is located in Calveronia, in the city of Anaheim specifically, in which the characters of Disney films are shown, and there can be seen beautiful fountains and lights, as well as many activities that can be done, it is worth noting that there is a resort in which tourists can stay, It was built in 1955 by the founder of the company, Walt Disney.


Disneyland in Florida was created in 1971 AD near the Orlando area, and it has a fantasy and artistic atmosphere that attracts tourists, and it is very huge, in which it has four main sections: the Fantasy Kingdom, the EPCOT Center, and Hollywood studios in Disney and the Animal Kingdom.


Disneyland in Tokyo is one of the most famous amusement parks there. It was opened in 1983 and is the first theme park outside the United States of America, and the second most visited theme park, with more than a million people visiting each month, most of them from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea.


Disneyland in Paris is one of the most attractive areas for tourists in Europe, and it was opened on April 12, 1992 AD, and since that time more than 320 million people visited it, along with many hotels that tourists can stay in.

Hong Kong

Disneyland in Hong Kong is the second Disney city to have been built around the world, and it is smaller than other cities that were built before it, but it is a suitable place to spend time with children and family. over there.


Disneyland in China is a beautiful place in China and attractive to tourists, as there are many hotels affiliated with it, in addition to shopping centers, restaurants and a large theater, in addition to the lush gardens that tourists can relax in.


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