Doha is the capital of Qatar, and it is an important destination for tourism and business and the headquarters of many branches of international companies. The city abounds with many tourist attractions in Qatar from ancient museums with many exhibits and archaeological treasures, entertainment cities, water parks, modern shopping centers, various types of cafes, restaurants And the charming beaches, which makes it the first tourist destination upon reaching Qatar.
Doha is a great destination for tourism and honeymooning, so if you have decided to travel for tourism in Qatar and want to know where Doha is located on the map and determine the distances between it and the different cities of Qatar, then all you have to do is read our article that we offer to help you plan your next trip to ensure The maximum enjoyment and wandering around the charming country.

The best hotels in Doha

There are many hotels in Qatar and in particular Doha, and you often find one of the branches of international luxury hotels, where you find various accommodation options, whether simple or luxurious, expensive and cheap as well as vacation homes, hotel apartments, wonderful villas and even chalets.
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The best hotels in Doha

Where is Doha located on Google Map?

Doha is located in the State of Qatar, on the Arabian Gulf coast, specifically in the middle of the eastern coast of the Qatar Peninsula.
You can look at the following map to know exactly where Doha is located.

The distance between Doha is the best tourism city in Qatar

After we got to know the location of the city of Doha on the map, then it is time to know the distance between it and the most important tourist cities in Qatar.

Where is Doha located from the North City?

The distance between Doha and the North City is 98.1 km, it takes an hour and 21 minutes to drive between them, while public transportation takes an hour and 49 minutes to arrive, according to the Google Map shown below.

How far is Doha from Al Wakra?

Doha city is 16.7 km away from Al-Wakra city, so you can move between the two cities in about 24 minutes only if you rent a car in Qatar, while all public transportation takes about 50 minutes to arrive according to the following Google Map route.

Where is Al Rayyan located from Doha?

Al Rayyan city is located only 25 minutes from Doha, where the distance between them is 12.7 km by private car. If you ride public transportation, you will arrive within 45 minutes.
Below we have provided you with a map showing the paths that you must follow.

How far is the distance between Doha or Salal?

Umm Salal is 20.7 km away from Doha, where you can reach in 28 minutes by private car and in 41 minutes by public transport.

How far is Doha from the Creek

The city of Al-Khor is 55.2 km from Doha and the journey takes about 47 minutes by car, while it arrives by public transport in a longer period of about an hour and 56 minutes according to the following Google Map route.

Where is Doha located from Al-Daayen?

The distance between Al-Daayen Municipality and a city reaches about 44.8 km and this distance takes a period of time not exceeding 43 minutes by car, and an hour and 34 minutes by public transportation according to the following Jules map.

In this article, dear reader, we provided you with the location of the city of Doha, and we also determined the distance between the most important tourism cities in Qatar and its capital, Doha, to help you plan well for your next trip for a fun vacation.
You can learn in detail about the most important tourist attractions and attractions in Doha by reading our next article by clicking on .. Read more

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