United Arab Emirates

Where is Dubai located?

المسافرون العرب



Dubai is located in the east coast region of the Arabian Peninsula, specifically in the southwestern corner of the Arabian Gulf region, and it is considered one of the cities famous for the diversity of cultures, as it is characterized by good hospitality and welcoming tourists and expatriates, where the Emiratis combine the ability to look to the future and stick to everything Belongs to their ancient heritage.

Dubai, which is characterized by its summer atmosphere throughout the year, its mysterious desert areas, and the provision of beautiful coasts, in addition to the wonderful hotels and markets, and its prosperous economic work, always opens its doors to receive millions of tourists who wish to enjoy and develop business every year, and from different countries of the world.


The last ten years are considered one of the most important years as the economy in Dubai has grown significantly, in various sectors and businesses, and the UAE government is constantly seeking to raise the level of economic transparency, in addition to providing dynamic regulations that encourage the establishment of small and medium-sized companies, and also works to raise Its ability to address the economic challenges of the world, Dubai’s economy is no longer essentially based solely on oil, but has become developed in more than one sector, such as trade, service provision, and finance, and given its distinct geographical position between the markets of the countries of the Asian continent and the countries of the continent of Europe, Dubai has worked with every activity to prove its economic position as an indispensable part of global business, and this geographically unique place gave Dubai the opportunity to be one of the most important tourist places that all people from all over the world wish to visit.

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Tourist sites

Although Dubai is one of the tourist places that witnessed great success in the recent period only, but it has an important history and a lively heritage, offering tourists glimpses of interest and making tourists interested in reading Arab culture, and the Dubai City Museum located inside Al Fahidi Fort is considered the starting point To discover the history and heritage of Dubai, which is the most important and oldest building in Dubai, as this museum dates back to the year 1787, where a tourist can take a picture of the industries that Dubai began to produce, which are related to diving in the depths of the sea to search for the pearl jewel, and catch various types of fish, And b They were also able to learn about the way Dubai has become a city of the most important economic ports around the world, and there are several museums within the Emirate of Dubai that give information about the history and prosperity of this city and the United Arab Emirates in general.

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