Where is El Gouna and how far is it from Cairo?

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Where is El Gouna and what are the best tourist places in it, this modern tourist resort that has robbed everyone in recent years, with its charming scenery, and its distinctive film festival, and today we decided in Arab travelers to provide you with all the information about this exceptional place and where El Gouna is located, and how far is it from Cairo, in addition to the most important tourist places in it.

Where is El Gouna?

El Gouna is located in Hurghada, the capital of the Red Sea Governorate in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the famous tourist product overlooks the charming Red Sea beach.
Hurghada takes 40 km from the coastline of the sea, and includes the most beautiful tourist products such as: El Gouna product, Sahl Hasheesh product, Soma Bay, Al-Sakkala neighborhood, and other distinguished tourist places.
El Gouna was established in the nineties, specifically in 1990 AD, by the famous company Orascom, which transformed this place from an empty land into a global tourist product at the highest level of sophistication and organization, to compete with tourist resorts in Europe and the United States of America.

How far is El Gouna from Cairo

El Gouna is 470 kilometers from Cairo Governorate, which is not a few distance, but it certainly underestimates in the way of relaxation and happiness that you will get once you reach El Gouna Resort. The resort is about 22 km from Hurghada International Airport if you are arriving by plane.
This large distance separating El-Gouna and Cairo may make access to it a little difficult, especially for those who wish to spend a short vacation period, but this distance also has its advantages as it gives the product some privacy, and makes it ideal for relaxing away from the crowds of the city.
That is why many prefer to visit El Gouna in the summer period not only for the beautiful weather, but for spending long times in the product away from the pressures of work for adults, and the pressure of studying for children, the summer vacation period is the ideal period to enjoy in El Gouna.

Tourist places in El Gouna

There are many tourist places that you can visit in El Gouna. There are also many exciting activities that can be done in and out of the product. El Gouna enjoys a luxurious collection of hotels and accommodations that provide hotel services at the highest level.
Here are the best tourist places in El Gouna:

Abu Tig Marina

It is a charming place on the beach, and its most important features are:

  • It has many sailboats of large size.
  • It has a wide range of restaurants with the highest level of professionalism and organization.
  • This place has all the facilities and precautions that make it safe for children.
  • The place is especially charming in the evening, based on the opinions of all its visitors.

Olive Beach

Zitouna’s beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in El Gouna. It is characterized by the presence of:

  • There is a bridge inside the sea that can pass through and enjoy the beautiful view of the waters.
  • Beautiful and calm blue water.
  • Fish restaurants of all kinds.
  • There are boat trips on the beach.
  • Spend time boating and seashore and soak up the sun.

The Alexandria Library at El Gouna

It is the favorite place for lovers of reading and reading, and you can visit it and enjoy reading and reading in this wonderful place. There is also a unique and rare collection of books that you can read and read. Plus the open set of seats you can sit and read for hours.

El Gouna Cable Park Sliders

This place is located in the Sabina area of ​​El Gouna, and you can practice this water sport with the utmost freedom and safety as those responsible for this work follow the rules of global safety and security, while providing an opportunity to enjoy this sport with your children of all ages.
All tourists also hail the splendor of the place, the quality of the trainers even with children or the elderly, everyone can spend quality time in the park sliders in El Gouna.

The small museum

El Gouna is the place where everything meets. Just as there are places to enjoy and relax, there are also places for art and knowledge. The small museum in El Gouna is one of these distinctive places. The museum contains 90 artifacts, in addition to many artworks by the Egyptian plastic artist Hussein Bikar.
There are also many distinct restaurants that offer delicious food from around the world, in addition to the international golf competitions that take place on El-Gouna land. El-Gouna is the best place to spend time and enjoy the picturesque nature on the land of Egypt.


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