We have heard a lot about the state of Georgia, and many of us do not know where Georgia is located, what is its history, the nature of its lands and its economy, and other information that pertains to this country. In this article we tried to collect some of the information concerning Georgia in terms of location, history and appearances. Civilization.

Where is Georgia and what is its civilization?

  • The country of Georgia is located in the Eurasia region, precisely in the region between the convergence between West Asia and eastern Europe.
  • As for the borders of the State of Georgia, it is bordered by the Black Sea in the west, the State of Russia in the north, and Azerbaijan in the east, and for the south it is on the borders with the states of Turkey and Armenia.
  • As for the area of ​​Georgia, it is 69,700 square kilometers, and its population is about 4385,000.
  • Georgia is characterized by a long history as it originated on the land of Georgia, one of the two most important kingdoms in Christian history, namely the Kingdom of Koklis and Iberia, which is considered one of the most important Christian kingdoms specifically in the fourth century AD, and then after that the rule of Georgia King David, whose rule is one of the best times that Georgia has known.
  • After that, the country joined the Russian Empire, and in 1917, Georgia succeeded in independence from Russia, and that was after the Bolshevik Revolution, then Georgia was annexed to the Soviet Union after that.
  • In 1991 Georgia succeeded in gaining full independence.
  • During all these stages, Georgia’s economy was greatly affected, as it suffered from many economic crises, especially after independence from the Soviet Union, as well as the internal suffering experienced by Georgia in the nineties of the last century, which occurred as a result of attempts to obtain the desired democratic reforms.
  • As for the constitution on the state of Georgia, it is a constitution on which gossip differs to this day. Some call it a representative democracy, because the country is not governed by elections.
  • Georgia is a member of the United Nations and some international organizations such as the World Trade Organization, the European Security and Cooperation Organization, the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization and the European Council, as well as Georgia is striving to join NATO or the European Union.
  • Georgia went through many historical epochs that started from the Stone Age through the Greek Hellenistic era and then the Romen Empire and then to the Byzantine Christianity, which left wonderful traces in the history of Georgia to the rule of Muslims in the Middle Ages and then Georgia repelled the Mongol attacks All this, down to the Russian rule of Georgia.
  • One of the most important wars in Georgia was the war that broke out between it and the Russian army. This war was known as a full-scale war, and this war took place in 2008.

The economy of Georgia

Tourism is one of the most important pillars on which the economy of Georgia depends, as the succession of many countries to Georgia left many wonderful monuments in addition to its location overlooking the Black Sea with its wonderful waters. As for the other pillar, it is agriculture, as Georgia is one of the most important agricultural countries in Europe. Besides, Georgia possesses a very large amount of hydroelectric energy which it is working to generate from its water bodies. Georgia is one of the most important international crossings through the ports of Poti and Batumi

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