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The geographical location of Dabiq

The village of Dabiq is located in the northern side of the Syrian Arab Republic, near the Turkish border, and it is located specifically in the Azaz region in the north of Aleppo Governorate, located 35 km from the city, and enjoys an important strategic location; it is considered one of the areas near the Turkish border, and it is 45 km away from it It is noteworthy that the Azaz region, which includes Dabiq, also contains several regions, including: Tire, Akhtaren, Noble, and Marea, and Dabiq witnessed many historical events that are located in the middle of a fertile region, and many major civilizations have ruled over it.

Dabiq village in glossary of countries

Dabiq is the name of a country dominated by remembrance and exchange, because it is often rooted in the name of a river, and it is one of the works of Azaz, and it is distinguished by its herbal meadow in which the sons of Marwan were staying. The hill next to the tomb of Solomon is the tomb of Abdullah bin Musa`fah ibn Abdullah al-Akbar bin Shaybah bin Uthman ibn Abi Talha al-Qurashi al-Hajbi. Poets mentioned it in their poems, including:
Nagoc from the extreme Hijaz, and let them

Nagoc between shares and glutinous

General information about Dabiq

There is a lot of information about Dabiq, including the following:

  • Dabiq’s climate is warm and temperate, with rainy winters and mild summers.
  • The village has a great place in the hearts of Muslims, as it was mentioned in the noble Hadith, where our noble Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, says: (The clock does not stand until the rum goes down in depth, or with a minute).
  • The battle of Marj Dabiq took place on the lands of this village, and that was on the twenty-fifth day of the month of Rajab in 922 AH, a war battle that took place between the Ottoman Empire led by Sultan Selim I, and the Mamluk state led by Sultan Qansuh al-Ghuri.

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