Where is Granada located? How far is Granada from Cordoba and Madrid? How to get to Granada from Barcelona? Among the most common questions about tourism in Granada, Spain, in this detailed report we will answer these questions and more after we get to know you and a quick overview of that wonderful city.
Granada is considered one of the oldest and most famous tourist destinations in Spain since the Andalusian era, and was loved by writers and novelists, so many novels were written about it, including the famous series of the three Granada.
The beauty and splendor of Granada are due to its scenic coastal nature and its charming historical landmarks such as the Alhambra Palace dating back to 889 AD, and the ancient Al-Bayazin neighborhood that still maintains its Andalusian identity.

Where is Granada located in Spain

The best hotels of Granada

Granada includes many of Spain’s hotels that have received hundreds of positive reviews by their Arab guests who have previously tried to stay in them and that offer attractive offers on prices from time to time. To see the best hotels in Granada you can follow the next report .. Read more

Where is Granada located?

Where is Granada located on the map:

Granada is located on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, in the province of Granada, on the southern side of the Kingdom of Spain. You can see the map below to find out exactly where Granada is located on Google Maps:

The distances between Granada and the most important cities of Spain:

After we know where Granada is located in Spain, let us now know where Granada is located in relation to some other cities and tourist areas such as the capital Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Cordoba and Malaga and the distances between them and Granada.

The distance between Granada and Madrid

The distance between Granada and Madrid is about 420 kilometers, according to Google Maps, on the shorter road linking them. This distance can be covered in approximately 4 hours by car, while it can be covered in an hour and 5 minutes by plane.

The distance between Granada and Cordoba

Granada is 172 km away from Cordoba, on the N-432 track shown on the map below. It is possible to travel between the two cities by car in two hours and 28 minutes, and by bus in three hours except one quarter of an hour.

The distance between Granada and Barcelona

The distance between Granada and Barcelona is 850 km via the AP-7 route shown on the map, approximately 8 hours 27 minutes drive, 9 hours and a quarter hour bus ride or direct flight for an hour and 30 minutes.

The distance between Granada and Malacca

Granada is 132 km from Malaga on the A-92 link between them. You can travel from Malacca to Granada by car in about an hour and a half, and in two hours and 7 minutes by bus.

The distance between Granada and Seville

The shortest distance between Granada and Seville is 256 km and can be traveled in 2 hours 40 minutes by car or 3 hours by bus.

The distance between Granada and Marbella

Granada is approximately two hours drive from Marbella by car or three hours, only a quarter by bus, with the shortest path length between them 187 km.

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