Where is Guangzhou and the distance between it and the most important tourist cities of China

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Families are always looking for an annual holiday full of fun, entertainment and enjoyment, especially if they are accompanied by children without it being without hours of relaxation and relaxation among a group of the most beautiful scenic landscapes, which exactly provides tourism in Quanzhou, one of the most famous and beautiful tourist cities in China.
To find out exactly where Quanzhou is located and how you can go to it from the different tourism cities in China during your trip, see the following article.

Where is Guangzhou and the distance between it and the - Where is Guangzhou and the distance between it and the most important tourist cities of China

Best hotels in Quanzhou

Quanzhou includes a number of the finest and best tourist hotels in China that provide a high level of services and entertainment facilities at prices appropriate to various possibilities, and through the following link you can see the most important and most popular hotels in Quansu … Read more

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Where is Guangzhou located?

Guangzhou, Guangzhou or Canton is a multi-label city located in southern China on the banks of the Pearl River, which is the capital of Kongdong Province and one of the country’s main commercial ports. To find out where Quanzhou is located more specifically you can see the following map:

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Where is Quanzhou located among the most important major cities nearby?

Guangzhou surrounds a number of the most important major tourist cities in China, and the following lines provide the distances between them and these cities and how they can be reached from and to them through these cities by different means and transport lines.

The distance between Quanzhou and Beijing

Quanzhou is a 3-hour and 10-minute flight between Beijing and Guangzhou International Airport, with China Southern, Hainan and China Airlines providing around 32 to 33 non-stop daily flights.

Where is Quanzo from Hong Kong?

The distance between Hong Kong and Guangzhou is estimated at 13 hours and 39 minutes, using public buses.

Where is Guangzhou from Tianjin?

Guangzhou is located 3 hours from Tianjin, with flights 12 to 14 times a day via China Southern, Hainan Airlines and China Airlines Ltd. from Beijing Airport to Guangzhou Papillon International Airport.

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How far is Guangzhou from Macau?

Quanzhou is between 9 hours and 26 minutes from Macau to 10 hours from public bus travel.

The distance between Quanzhou and Shanghai

Quanzhou is 1479 km from Shanghai, with an estimated 15-hour and 30-minute travel via G60
Or 1,450 km, which is an estimated travel time of 15 hours and 25 minutes along G60, G35.
The distance between the two cities can also be covered by flights provided by China Eastern or Southern Airlines Ltd. and Shanghai Airlines. The flight lasts for 2 hours 25 minutes at an average of 47 non-stop daily flights.

How far is Dalian from Quanzhou

Despite the great distance separating the two countries in the event that you choose a land journey by car or bus, you can only travel it within 3 hours and 40 minutes by nonstop continuous flight via 5 to 6 daily flights provided by Hainan Airlines and Southern China Airlines.

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Where is Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong?

Guangzhou or Quanzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, is 69.6 km away, which equals 1 hour and 4 minutes’ travel by car, bus, or taxi via S2.

After we got to know where Quanzo is located, let’s talk a little about this wonderful city. Quanzhou boasts a number of tourist and entertainment attractions that attract thousands of tourists and families annually from different parts of the world such as: Paradise Chaise Lounge, Shamian Island, Canton Tower, Huaxing Mosque, Quanzhou Zoo, You can learn more about the most important tourist attractions of Quanzhou by following the following article .. Read more

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