Where is Haiti located

المسافرون العرب


The Republic of Haiti arose as a Spanish colony like most of the Caribbean countries, until it fell under the French occuAl Bahahn in 1626 AD, however it gained its independence early in the beginning of the nineteenth century, it was one of the first countries discovered by the Spaniards in the new world, and the second republics that gained independence.

The Haitian Revolution, which was against French colonialism and which took place between 1791 and 1804, is considered the only revolution by slaves that led to the establishment of an independent state.

Its location and topography

The Republic of Haiti is one of the Caribbean countries, which includes the western third of the island of Hispaniola, which was discovered by explorer Christopher Columbus, while the eastern part includes the Dominican Republic, and its borders on the Caribbean Sea to the west separate it from Jamaica and Cuba.
Likewise, most of the Haitian lands are mountainous, as they are crossed from the north and south by two mountain ranges forming a peninsula extending inside the Caribbean Sea, and the highest mountains are Mount Lasel.

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Its climate

The tropical climate led to the presence of large areas of forests in the flat areas of Haiti, but most of them have been removed and exploited in agriculture, as the rainfall rates vary from one region to another, according to their varying heights, and the climate condition leads to many natural crises In the country of Seoul and tropical storms can destroy entire villages as happened in 2008.

Its economy

More than eighty percent of the Haitian population lives below the poverty line, and agriculture is considered one of the basic economic activities in the country, which is based on small, healthy areas.
The Republic of Haiti exports the basic commodities that are manufactured in the country, which is mainly clothing to the United States of America, and despite this, the country is still suffering from high inflation rates and a clear deficit in the trade balance, as a result of importing basic commodities from outside the country . Economic activity depends heavily on foreign aid, whether in the form of aid, or loans from the World Bank to achieve medium and long-term development rates.

Its inhabitants

The vast majority of the Haitian population is of African origin, brought to the region under slavery to work in agriculture and logging, and the French language is the official language of the country, in addition to a local Haitian language that emerged as a result of the mixing of several African languages ​​with the French language, and it became a separate language itself with the passage of Time. Most people in rural areas live in simple shacks that are vulnerable to destruction due to environmental factors, and there is a state of health deterioration and disease spread due to poor basic services.

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