Harun Al Rasheed

Harun al-Rashid is the fifth Abbasid caliph, and his succession period is a luminous stop in the history of the Abbasid state.

Despite the young caliph’s age, which did not exceed twenty years, but he was aware of the dangers surrounding him from inside and from the outside. In the interior, he was faced with the problem of increasing the influence of the Baramakh, as his father had surrounded himself with guards and employees who return to the Burmese origin, and that was With the encouragement of his bamboo wife, and upon the assumption of Aaron the Rational Caliphate, his mother continued the influence of his bamboo with the support of the Baramakis, but the caliph began to reduce their influence and isolate some of them until he reached the stage of eliminating them.

Harun al-Rashid took Raqqa in Syria as his capital, and built buildings, palaces, houses of knowledge, and the remaining monuments until now the tower that was built to monitor commercial roads to and from Iraq, and Harun al-Rashid did not prolong the dependence of Raqqa as his capital, but deported the bureaus of the state to Baghdad, and Raqqa remained in its palaces and groves of the secret headquarters To the caliph.

Some narrators narrated that Harun al-Rashid was fond of women and having fun, and had a large number of wives, but the most important wife is his cousin Zubaida, who was able to maintain its importance in the palace, and she was doing many charitable work to serve the people and ordered to dig wells along the pilgrim route To the Hijaz, and she was helping the poor and needy, so he spread her reputation among the people and gained a good reputation, which added something good to the record of her caliph husband.

The mandate of the Covenant

The caliph had a large number of sons, but the most important of them was his faithful son from Zubaydah, and al-Ma`mun and his mother were current and that was a big problem as how the caliph would choose who follows after him, and al-Ma`mun preferred to distinguish him from his faithful brother by the sense of mind and broadness of the horizon.

Baghdad boom

Despite Harun Al-Rashid taking the city of Raqqa as the capital of his state from 799 – 800 for a period of time, Baghdad flourished and became a center of knowledge worldwide with all its pillars.He established the House of Wisdom in Baghdad, which is a large scientific complex that contains several rooms, where he devoted a place for each Work, there are transcription rooms, lecture rooms and translation rooms, and during his reign he translated the first book on physics.
Harun Rashid did not lose sight of agriculture, as he dug canals, built irrigation canals, and preserved security on the commercial roads between the provinces of the state, all of which led to the development of public facilities in the Abbasid state.

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