Where is Heidi located?

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Heidi City

The Swiss countryside is distinguished by the beautiful beauty that amazes the mind and relaxes itself, as the green meadows surrounded by mountains that cover the white hill in the winter spread to become a suitable place for skiing.

The city was named by this name in relation to the heroine of the famous novel Heidi, the Mountain Girl, and this famous novel was written by Swiss writer Johanna Sperry in 1880 AD, where the writer was born in the village of Herzl, one of the villages of Zurich, and because of the fame of this fictional novel that I spoke of about a girl living in one of the Alps, The writer was honored, and the village was named Heidi and became a destination for visitors when visiting Switzerland.

Its geographical location

Heidi is located in eastern Switzerland, specifically east of Zurich. It is the closest city to Heidi, which is part of the village of Maienfeld, and is six kilometers away from it. The distance between Zurich and this city is approximately one hundred kilometers, that is, for one hour by train, and the distance between them and Lucerne is a distance One hundred and twenty-four kilometers, Heidi Land includes the area that is surrounded by mountains in all directions, it includes many villages, such as the village of Ragaz.

The way to it

In order to reach this city, it is necessary to reach Maienfeld city station either by train or bus, as the trains from Zurich to Maienfeld do not take a journey for one hour only, and by bus from Lovano Station in Zurich to Meinfeld station, the distance is approximately one hundred and sixty five kilometers. And it can be reached from the city of Vaduz in an estimated time of fifteen minutes, as the distance between Mayfield and Vaduz is only twenty-two kilometers.

Its most prominent features

Heidi’s house

It is a three-story house that is built near the Swiss Alps, and is similar to the home that Heidi lived with her grandfather in the famous novel, the house is a true embodiment of the novel, and the small house includes a small goat barn, and a museum containing wooden artifacts.

Lake Wallen and Bad Ragaz Resort

The Badragas Resort is located within Heidiland in the village of Badragas, which includes a large hotel, and what distinguishes it from its proximity to the train station, which is fifteen minutes on foot, and can enjoy swimming in the waters of Lake Wallin and enjoy the hot waters of the resort.


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