Where is Interlaken located? How far is Interlaken from Geneva? One of the most important questions we receive from our distinguished visitors about tourism in Interlaken, Switzerland, we will answer these questions and more in this detailed report, but let us first get to know a short summary about the tourist city of Interlaken.
Interlaken is one of Switzerland’s most preferred tourist destinations for all tourists around the world and Arab tourists in particular, it has a picturesque nature and a great location between the two lakes of Burns and Thun, as it includes a group of charming natural attractions such as Trommel Bach waterfalls and many ancient historical monuments such as a castle The famous Oberhofen.
Now let’s get to know the most important question, where is Interlaken located?
Where is Interlaken located?

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Where is Interlaken located on the map:

Interlaken is located between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun in the Bodeli region of Saucera, at an altitude of more than 570 meters above sea level, which makes its climate pleasant and popular with tourists.
You can view the map below to find out exactly where Interlaken is located on Google Maps:

The most important cities near Interlaken:

After we got to know you, where Interlaken is well located, let us now know the distance between it and some of the famous Swiss tourist cities and how to get to Interlaken from those cities and vice versa by different means of transportation.

How far is Bern from Interlaken?

The distance between Interlaken and Bern is about 56 kilometers according to Google Maps, and that distance can be traveled in an hour but a quarter of a car at a cost ranging between 7 and 11 dollars via the path shown in the following map or in 52 minutes by train at a cost ranging between 24 and 45 dollars.

How far is Interlaken from Geneva?

The distance between Interlaken and Geneva is approximately 215 kilometers, which is approximately a two-hour and 17-minute drive across the road shown in the following map, at a cost between 28 and 45 dollars.

How far is Interlaken from Zell am See?

The distance between Interlaken and Zell am See is 514 km on the shortest road between them, and it can be crossed in 6 hours 33 minutes by car, at a cost of no more than $ 100.

How much is the distance between Interlaken and Lugano?

It is 220 km from Interlaken from Lugano, and it is possible to travel from Interlaken to Lugano and back in approximately three hours by car via the path shown in the map below.

How far is Interlaken from Qustad?

Qustad is one of the nearest Swiss cities to Interlaken, with a distance of only 70 kilometers, which is approximately an hour and a quarter by car, or two hours and 10 minutes by train.

The distance between Interlaken and Lucerne?

The distance between the two destinations is 69 km, and Interlaken can be reached to Lucerne and vice versa in an hour and 16 minutes, following the path shown in the following map. The train can be reached in two hours and 10 minutes.

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